So When My Baller Came Over…

“I mean we can watch a movie or something…”

He finally decided to come over to my crib. After all the back and forth to hotels and him flying me out to different states he was playing, he finally got in his Navigator and drove his dumb ass to my crib.

I did not feel like traveling this week. I just wanted to lay back and relax at home. Now that the season had some to an end and his team was nowhere near going to the Superbowl, he was on a much-needed vacation. He had a couple of injuries that kept him from playing almost half the season. Plus, he never came to my spot. So this was an event all in its own. When he called me and said he wanted to come through, it took me by surprise. I had to get up and run to get ready.

“Let’s watch it in your room.” he asked, standing up.

He was a fine one. Boy, was he F I O N E.
Everything I dreamt of with a baller.

Standing at 6’1.
He was caramel complected with a slight red complexion.
Pink lips, masculine jaw line, and beautiful bright wide eyes.
He was pure muscle with arms, pecs, back, and abs sculpted from perfection.
He had a couple tats here and there, but what baller doesn’t?
Today, he came over wearing a Polo shirt, black True Religions, a Yankee fitted, and some Timz. All hidden underneath a massive dark green North-Face.

I didn’t even know he was a fan. You know, it is weird how you never know people are reading your work and admiring you from the background. Well he was a faithful fan of Jamari Fox. He was actually happy when we met and I wasn’t some fat cow living in a fantasy world. He not only enjoyed fucking my brains out, but he was also my friend. He trusted me because he knew I wasn’t messy. He knew that I could keep a secret and that I had his back with advice when he was feeling down. It was almost like I tamed a beast.

“Wow your room is messy.” He critiqued.

He had some kind of nerve. Has he looked inside his car? Or even when he is staying at a hotel?
Love him to death but he wasn’t Martha Stewart his damn self.

“I was going to clean it but you ain’t nobody.” I said as he playfully shoved me.

He started inspecting around through my room.
Looking through my books,
going through my closet, and admiring my DVDs.
He was trying to see what it was like in my world.

“Relax. I haven’t set up any cameras yet.” I said, sitting on my bed.

He gave me a screw face and then he laid on my bed.

“I got a few Blu-ray from Netflix. Inception, Takers, and For Colored Girls.”
“Oh shit. Mister Big Man with the Blu-ray huh?’

Little did he know, I got it from that 500 bills he gave me 2 weeks ago.

“Shut up.”
“Put on whatever. I don’t care.” He replied, putting his fitted over his face, “not like we are going to be watching it anyway.”

I threw on Inception, turned off the light, and kicked his leg so he could move over.
He got up and put his fitted on my dresser.
I just loved looking at his frame and how clothes fit him perfectly.
He wore everything loose fit but you couldn’t help see his chest peeking from under his shirts.
That always found a way to turn me on.
He came and laid back down as I fiddled with going through all the previews on the remote.

Sidebar: That was the thing I hated about Blu-ray.
All these damn previews just to get to the menu!!!

He leaned in closer and rested his chin on my shoulder while his hands were squeezing on my cheeks.

“What is the hold up?” He asked.
“Will you wait a minute?”

When I finally got to the menu, I pressed play, and dropped it on the bed.

“You smell good.” He said, rubbing his nose back and forth across my neck, “what are you wearing?”
“You.” I replied, with a grin.
“Oh is that right.” He said, kissing and sucking on my neck.
“A-Yo! We tryna watch a movie here! Cut it out with the funny stuff.”
“I’m trying to watch you.”
“Really? That was so gay.”
He laughed and bit my shoulder.

He wrapped his big arm around me and put one of his legs over my body.

“What are you doing?” I asked, smiling.
“Trying to get comfortable boo.”
“You damn near got me in a headlock.”
“Oh my fault. You are not comfortable?”

I knew what he was doing.

He always did this when he wanted some of me. We had an amazing sexual chemistry and he could never keep his hands off me for too long, as I did him.

I started running my hand back and forth on his arm. I wanted to move a little slower than usual because I was ready to rip his clothes off and give it to him right. I guess he took that as his cue to start flicking his tongue back and forth against my ear lobe. His leg locked on tighter on me and I could feel him starting to hump me slowly from behind. He finally removed his arm from around me and stood up on his knees in my bed. He pulled his Polo off and threw it on the floor.

The way how his body looked in his wife beater instantly made me hard.

He unbuttoned my jeans, pulled them off, and threw them on the floor. He spread my legs and leaned over me and kissed me on my lips. I took both hands and cupped them on the side of his face. We kissed like we haven’t seen each other in years. He started sucking on my neck and then he collapsed on top. I spread my legs to allow him a perfect fit on me.

I put my hands under his wife beater and started running my hands up and down his back. I loved tracing my hands up and down his spine because his back was so defined.

He sat up again and pulled off his wife beater….


Written By Jamari Fox
(C) 1.23.11 11:40am

Author: jamari fox

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  1. been reading your blog for a minute, its good shit.
    very informative and so true to our lifestyle.
    i finally decided to comment.
    i’m ready for the continuation..

  2. Lol @”fat cow living in a fantasy world.”
    Great writing/story telling. U have a way with imagery. I’ll be lookin for dat part2 ^_^

    1. You actually can find him on his laptop all the time at Carbiou on the corner of 10th and piedmont

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