So My Baller Was Still Here….

“I think I’m getting fat…” He smirked.

I wanted to tell him shut the fuck up so bad…

I licked my finger and slowly traced it down his hot wash board like abs. I was tempted to persuade him if I could use his stomach to hand wash my drawz. I gave him a sly grin and bit my lip because he knew what I wanted. Ray Charles could see that I wanted him to give me a special extra dose of that good stuff. I could not get around this man without wanting him inside me…..

I sat up, un-did his Gucci belt, and pulled it off of him. I often wondered why he even wore a belt because his jeans fit his waist nicely. Since he played football, his thighs and ass were like a teenage dream. He slid himself out his jeans to reveal his white Armani boxer briefs.

“Awww you wore yours too?” I smiled, since he bought and sent me a pair from Atlanta. I decided to wear mine since he was coming over and I wanted it to be special.

He flipped me over and then took his left hand and smacked me on my ass. He laid his muscular body on top of mine and grinded his hips above my bubble.

“Ok. Fuck me now. Let’s go.” I demanded.
“Nawwww. Not yet. I want to do something first.”
“Lube up? Whew. Alright. Let’s hop to it.”

Chill? Was he crazy? Of all the times he is ready to bend me over whatever – and now he wants to take it slow? I was getting a little mad.

Suddenly, I felt his lips touch the bottom of my back and then he traced his tongue like he was leaving a hickey. This nigga then took his tongue down traveled thru my crack and started flicking his tongue in-between my ass gap. He smacked my ass again and then he spread my cheeks with both his hands and dive on in, tongue first like I like it.

Now I don’t know about anyone else but I love my ass eaten. Since a man’s erogenous zone is in-between his Foxhole, a wet tongue slipping and sliding inside makes it all the better.

I felt his tongue moving back and forth like he was looking for a particular wall to hit. He did that slow for about a minute and then when he found his groove, he sped it up and made his shit vibrate.

I…Nearly…Lost…My…Muthafuckin.. Mind!

I was moaning so loud and biting on the pillow.

“Let’s try something. I dare you to not keep no noise.” He said, rubbing and then smacking my ass.
“Are you crazy?” I asked. Did he not realize how good that felt?
“Naw I dare you forreal.”

…So I lost huh?

I accepted his challenge meekly. I laid in the face down; ass up position and let him go to work. He started flicking, sticking, and deep digging his tongue into me. I tried my best to keep my composure, but I ended up starting to crawl away. I mean, that shit felt so good but it was way too much pleasure for a Fox to take.

“Where you going?” He asked, pulled me back to him and sticking his tongue further in my ass.

Was he trying to eat my ass like it was the last supper?

“Oooh this nigga right here!! Ooooh this niggum.. He is gonna get it.” That is all I could think. My mind was filled with revenge-like thoughts. I wanted to tie his ass up, tease him until his dick was about to explode like Mount St. Helen, and then go leave his ass to watch some tv for an hour.

… But I digress.

I decided, since I can’t moan, that I would preoccupy myself doing something. He doesn’t get to have all the fun.  I started moving my ass back and forth on his tongue like it was his dick. I mean, he is a fan when I throw it back. So, why not throw it back on that tongue.

“Oh I like that baby.” He said, spreading my ass further.

I removed his hands and gave me a swift slap on my ass.

“Did I win?” I asked.
“Naw u cheated.” He grinned, standing up and folding his hands.
“Ooh! Oooh so I cheated?”
“You tried to pull a fast one on a nigga.”
“Naw you tried to get me on some ol okey doke talking about don’t moan. I know you smoking something during the off-season.”

I got up slowly and crawled over to him. I stuck my tongue in his belly button. I took the front of his boxer briefs with my teeth.

“Oh. You want what’s inside?” He asked me, looking down.
“Mmhmm” I moaned.

I sat on the edge of the bed and he pulled his boxers down….


Written By Jamari Fox
(C) 1.24.11 8:40pm

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