I Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow Cause My Visions Get Better Every Day

tumblr_muse54QS7C1qdjdbzo1_500i have these visions sometimes.
i could be listening to a certain song,
in the middle of meditating,
or the way the sun beams through my curtains.
its that moment when everything is completely still.
its when this unexplainable feeling will wash over me.
it feels me feel so good.
it can last from 5 minutes to 15.
in those moments is when i imagine what would make me most happiest.
i often wonder if it’s a preview for the future?
a foreshadow of whats to come in my life?
well last night…

i was simply just sitting on my couch.
i had three candles burning.
i love white candles.
i had my laptop playing:

51z3tmwTXnLi love this album.
love love love love LOVE this album.
you want peace then that is where its at.
her first album helps me to meditate.
last night i wasn’t meditating tho.
simply sitting,
and drinking some hot chamomile tea.
2 cough drops inside.

tumblr_mxu410D95e1r3nnfeo1_500^whatever that long thing is in that cup,
i need to get it.
anyway a certain song from the album came on and i got lost in this vision.
one I’ve had when both my parents were alive.
we were all supposed to move out of new yawk.
a year before my father passed was when they sat me down.
i was ready!
from that point on is when the visions would start.
it looked like i lived in the suburbs.
i could see trees.
the air smelled crisp.
i could see me in front of a desktop computer.
typing and smiling.
there were no lights on in the room except the computer screen.
in the background i could see a city all lit up.
the light and energy was bouncing off the buildings.
it was absolutely beautiful.
it reminded me of the new yawk skyline,
but wherever it was,
it would serve as the background to my new home.
i’m a city fox who dreams of suburban life.

adventure-journal-los-angeles-skyline…or life in a nice crib within the city.

alas things didn’t work out that way for me,
and i definitely can’t see anything from my bedroom window,
but i always held onto how i would feel if that came true.
maybe this is the law of attraction?
the secret?
who knows,
but i’m still holding on to find out…


7 thoughts on “I Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow Cause My Visions Get Better Every Day

  1. It a proven fact that humans do have psychic abilities, it just one tend to be stronger than the other. Like I get visions in my dream most of the time, so all you have to do is be patient.

  2. Great fox minds think alike! I listen to music everyday on the way to work and my visions are of me being happy, wolf of my dreams, dream career, and stylish to a mutherfucking tee. Also in these visions I have it where everyone I’ve been in contact with that hates on me can see see me being my happiest, but I can’t see them.

  3. For right now, all you can do is take it one day at a time, and keep hope alive that the day will come that you finally reach those dreams and goals that you want.

  4. Great entry J and yes keep on pressing forward…I was having breakfast with my mom earlier as we discussed me three year career plan in regards to entering my dream profession. Suddenly the CBS news Sunday morning broadcast came on and they had a segment with Bradley Cooper and lastly Lisa Kudrow, the actress who was famous for doing the show Friends, was up there… Lisa’s segment really hit home for me…she talked about how she got started and how everything jsut kept falling apart and how she eventually got a spot on the hit show, at the time, Frazier. She was on the show and then suddenly they let her go and she was devastated and thought that maybe acting wasn’t for her and that she should try something different…so she told herself just one more gig and that’s it…she got a walk on spot on a show, did so well she ended up with a recurring role then Friends fell onto her lap…and it just inspired me because it showed me that LIFE doesn’t go as planned all the time but that you MUST CHASE your dreams…all of those CEO’s, Moguls, and people out there who have achieved their dream were willing to go to great lengths to make it happen…and i feel like if you’re NOT willing to go far to make your dreams into a reality than you’re not serious…Jamari you have this desire to be great because it’s written in your spirit, in your DNA and baby boy trust me you will have it..the one thing that Successful people have in common is that one point in their lives they thought these two things: the future can be better, and that i have the power to make it so….

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