Splash It On My Chest and Neck (Aim Good)

tumblr_lww0h6IxuT1r5pqpro1_500well its that time again.
well not officially.
once clocks go back,
and the day turns to night early
then its fall in my book.
fall also means its time for:

nice jackets

my favorite!
fall also means its time to splash new scents to spray on your fur.
its time to put away summery colognes away and introduce your fall scent.
ones that won’t make us suffocate during cuddle time.
so i had to ask for fox swagg purposes…

What scent are you rockin’ this fall/winter?…

if you don’t know,
summery scents are very:


so think aqua di gio by giorgio armani,
gucci for men,
and the polos.
they don’t overpower since its hotter out.
fall/winter scents are more:


so think dolce and gabbana: the one,
one million by paco rabbane,
and spicebomb by viktor&rolf.
they travel more in the cooler air.
one of the scents i’ll be rockin’:

233488389tom ford “oud fleur”.

small: 215
large: 295
where: ( x nordstrom )








…oh i didn’t buy it.
hell naw.
my old boss dropped the small size on my desk for me two weeks ago.
thank god for her.
2 hunnid anything is not in the budget right now.
either way it smells really good.

“gold digga”

i try not to wear it as much since it’s crazy expensive.
 when something is free you have absolutely no fucks to give.
when i have worn it,
ive had people stop me and got a couple compliments.
thats what i like from my scent!

you don’t have to spend a lot to smell good this fall.
check out some of my personal favorite fall/winter scents:

…and those are just a few that i like.
also remember:

have a signature scent
what you wear to work/what you wear out may not be a good idea
don’t drown yourself in it
test the scent on your body (wrists) first for an hour before purchase

…and as always leave your favorite scents suggestions in the comments.
  the foxhole and i are always down to check them out!

fox tip: if you head to ( x sephora ),
they will give you a mini spray bottle sample if you ask nicely.
just a little cheat sheet for the foxhole.

38 thoughts on “Splash It On My Chest and Neck (Aim Good)

  1. This remind of the time of my friend whose ass stink so bad that I just had enough. So I told him to bend over and I used this anal speculum to open his asshole. I spray that muthfucka with Clive Christian No. 1 perfume and got his rosebud smelling like roses.

  2. If you want somethin that’s going to keep the Foxes panties wet fuck with Bond Number 9 “New Harlem” dead ass no introduction needed…

  3. When I wear Burberry Touch…he can’t keep his hands off me!!! (((throws scarf around neck and heads out into the brisk Fall air)))

  4. YSL La Nuit de Homme, Versace Eros, and Diesel Only the Brave. I have never not gotten complimented when wearing any of these three.

  5. Oh yes Jamari, you hit it right on the nose, The One is the 1 since day one ! I just got into Spice Bomb last year. Been loving Guilty for a minute. @Brave, I like  Terre D’Hermes. It reminds me of Belami by Hermès, which is wonderful for this time of year. Gucci Rush was a go to scent at one time. Another one I keep around is Prada (amber). Now that’s a sexy scent!

    1. ^which prada?
      I had prada infusion d’homme and i really liked that one.
      it smelled like soap.

      i gotta buy it again.
      thanks for reminding me d!

  6. I smelled that Versace Eros the other day in GQ and almost fainted it smelled good. Is that one a summer or winter fragrance Jamari?

  7. D&G The One smells sexy as hell.

    THe Paco Rabanne 1million and Gucci Guilty smells really good as well.

    I have tons and tons of cologne I don’t even wear but I’m gonna start so I can get people to do a double take when I pass by like I do when I pass by someone that smells good lol

    I have to try the spicebomb and Tom Ford.

      1. Lol I used to be a manager at a retail store so I have almost every designer cologne and tons of underwear that I save for special occasions lol

  8. My favorite cologne to wear is Joop Homme. I’ve been wearing it for the past 8 years. Yup, I started wearing grown men’s colonge at an early age lol. Drove those girls in high school crazy.

    1. ^joop is amazing!
      i remember going to a bbq and this wold walked in wearing it.
      a little strong for summer,
      but he smelled GOOD!
      turned me on because he was fine too…

  9. I got the CK colognes sample. Expensive shit I must say, so I try not to use it as much. Sometime I like to use the cinnamon scent spray for emergency, but I got to be honest I just love the smell of cinnamon. The sweet and spicy fragrance get to me all the time.

  10. I wear Terre D’Hermes religiously. Sometimes I get on elevators alone, get a whiff of it and begin to ask myself for my phone number & my plans for Friday. If I’m free, me & I are gonna be a power couple.

    (Yes, the scent is that serious.) LMAO.

  11. Burberry Sport is my go to fall/winter scent. Calvin Klein Eternity is also one of my favorites and to me works in the summer and winter months.

    1. ^hmm burberry never disappoints.
      i’m going to check that one out.

      burberry touch is my shit tho.
      i had a wolf turned out heavy with that one.

  12. Good post, I’ve been think about a new scent for fall but wasn’t sure what to get. I love Ralph Lauren Romance for men for spring and summer since I tend to not like super strong overpowering scents. I think I’ll check out dolce and gabbana: the one, I had a friend telling me it’s his favorite.

    P.s. I too am ready to dress it out this season, fall and winter are the times where I dress the best.

    1. ^omg dolce and gabbana is amazing.
      it smells so good for the cooler weather.
      its stronger than on a heavy summer day.

      i’m ready for this weather too mikey!
      i love layers!

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