When The Season Ends; The Baller Wolf Hunting Begins

tumblr_mxgxlzjZgb1r78dgto1_1280well foxhole,
you know what time it is…

all the baller wolves have officially started their vacation.
well 28 teams have already started.
the colts and packers officially started today.
this means other nfl baller wolves will/have been wandering the forests.
they are hungry and some maybe horny.
they are now focused on letting their ratchet sides out until summer.
tumblr_inline_nhz8wigLg21rrhkwdgod speed and good luck.

5 thoughts on “When The Season Ends; The Baller Wolf Hunting Begins

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  2. Y’all getting ready to pounce on them huh? LOL. Many of them will be bored, which will either lead them to getting arrested or knocking up some broad.

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