Hype Kills

tumblr_static_hype--1when you have a talent,
and people recognize you for it,
that can start to raise your self esteem.
“they like me!
they really really like me!”
once that happens,
you start building the momentum to achieve more.
this is what happens to successful people.
“the a list”.
the d list of folks start believing their own hype.
i have met a ton of “everyone” as i have maneuvered in this game.
from a to z list.
without a doubt the:

reality show instafamers
boasty socialite bloggers
mixtape/ep chitlin circuit contenders
attentionisto/ista instagram irrelevants
new money pineapple and pineapplettes

…have theeeeeeeee nastiest attitudes.
they believing their own hype.
they start throwing shots at everyone,
acting like they are better than you,
and basically losing all their humility because of a tiny bit of fame.
in this new realm of “look at me/i’m the shit”,
where its easy to get attention because you have no talent at all,
i had to wonder…

Why are people falling victim to their own hype?

so one of my readers hit me up this morning.
they alerted me that the blatino awards were handed out.
here was me:


2uj1mk3honestly i laughed.
no i’m not crazy.
shiiiiiiiidddddd i was happy to even be recognized.

“how do you feel?
you are so much better than them?”

now if i believed my own hype,
i would have started trashin’ the other bloggers in my category.
listen “b scott” is a much bigger name than “jamari fox”.
he was on the bet awards for goodness sakes.
of course he would win.
plus i didn’t campaign for the award.
i wrote that ( x one entry ) that i was nominated and moved on.
i can’t be mad i didn’t win if i didn’t put in the effort.
its just not my time to win an award.

the way how i see it is this.
you can either be one of three people:

a) the person who work hard and naturally gains success
b) the person who expects to be worshiped because they work hard
c) the person who gets worshiped for doing nothing at all

i would rather be a.
likeeeee i didn’t start bloggin’ to win awards.
don’t get me wrong because awards are nice things to show “ive made it”.
i came into this game because i have a voice.
i wanted people to hear what i had to say.
leonardo docaprio has never won an oscar.
he puts his all into his performances,
yet the academy snubs him every year.mean-girls-12if he believed his own hype,
i’m sure he would call them out (a la kanye west).
 no one wants to be kanye west.
it hasn’t stopped leo from making really good movies.
even if he is not recognized,
he is a household name with a ton on money and boatload of bitches.
thats how i choose to live.
you should as well.

thank you to my little 4% who voted for me.
you all made the effort and that is the blessing all in itself.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Hype Kills”

  1. Being humble is the way to go. There’s nothing wrong with knowing your strengths but hyping yourself up isn’t needed if you’re truly talented it shines through naturally.

    P.S. I see many awards and accolades in your future for your writing.

  2. In this instant social media world we live in, where we all feel the need to document our every move for attention, its easy to get caught in the trap of we dont matter when no one gives us attention in the forms of likes. If you dont know who you really are, you will start to believe it is something wrong with you when others are getting recognition and are not doing half the things you are. I have worked at jobs when I went out of my way to help someone and it was never noticed or recognized but the mistakes I made were highlighted and I admit it made me feel some kind of way. I remember at one awards ceremony where employees were recognized for going the extra mile, I had the nerve to think I would be recognized, not knowing that many people who are recognized are great politicians who know how to frame themselves to the right people. In other words they know how to play the game. At the end of the day, I had to remember that I got my reward for helping someone and if nobody else recognized that or appreciated it, the person I helped did.

    This can apply to the current outrage at this year Oscar nominations. No people of color were recognized and it seems like a slap in the face to all their hard work, but your work will matter to someone and make a difference in someone life that you will never know about.

    As for these Blatino awards, I have only been to one or two of the other blogs nominated and I have never been to B. Scott blog, honestly I didnt know he had a blog, but none of those others I visited can do me like this blog does. J, you genuinely touch people souls with your observations. This blog feels like family, and has helped so many with so much good. The real award is that you have ride or die readers who have stuck with you for years, I am almost positive that none of the others can say that. Readers come and go on blogs but to have a core group that sticks with you for years says alot. You are being prepared for greatness, and you are going to be able to walk into your success with a humble heart because of your struggles.

    I see so many people on IG and Facebook who have hyped themselves up with their bodies, their shoe collection, their nice whip etc, and mistaking their likes for real fame. Especially these str8 attentionista’s who cant seem to go 1 day without posting a shirtless pic in their draws, and then getting mad when men start sending them DM. I see these dudes believe their own hype and most seemed whack as hell with no personality other than their cute face or nice body. These thirsty ass followers blow their head up and the cycle continues.They are arrogant, rude and nasty. It is going to be a long hard fall for many once the new hot boy comes along, many are going to have mental breakdowns when their light dims and people stop buying into their hype.

  3. The only thing I can say is I like to reserve this blog to myself cause u know how in NY you find a secret place that is bombing and you don’t want to tell others because you’re afraid they’re going to fuck it up? That how I feel about this blog.

  4. Jamari, you are well appreciated by your readers, myself included. You gave us this amazing platform for us to share our views, and for that I am thankful. We have had great discussions about a variety of topics, which have opened our eyes to ins and outs of this lifestyle that others on the outside do not seem to understand.

  5. I would’ve voted for you but from what I remember, the voting process was complicated. I took one look at it and was like “ain’t nobody got time for dat.”
    I don’t even remember seeing B.Scott’s name let alone that he/she? had a blog. If I’m not too lazy, next nomination I’ll sign up or do whatever it was they wanted us to do to vote.

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