So, Uh, That Whitney Movie…

-1so last night i watched the whitney houston movie.
it was about 12am or so.
i won’t lie,
i went into it with extremely low expectations.
i figured if it was terrible,
i could turn my head and go to sleep.
well these are my thoughts

i have to say that arlen escarpeta,
the wolf who played bobby brown,
was absolutely amazing in his role.
Arlen-Escarpeta-Bobby-Brownhe is a really great actor.
did arlen not look like a young and fine allen payne in “new jack city”?

JzlChn9…or was that just me?
arlen’s body was also insanely crazy.
3yaya dacosta was simply just “okay” as whitney houston.
she had some of the mannerisms down…

tumblr_ni6twvtCUb1tb8iyko3_400…but other times,
she came off like she was playing “tyra banks” with the extraness.
especially when she was crying.

the love scenes tho!!!!!

4-1super fleek.
i imagined thats why whitney was attracted to bobby.
he gave the impression that he to’ her ass up every chance he got.
for lifetime to show was i was thinking>>>>>>>
that one scene where bobby was blowing that random’s back completely out.
and was it me or was there a glimpse of peen:

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 2.26.59 AMagain: was that just me?

i also thought deborah cox did an amazing job with the vocals.

so i always compliment first before i go in.
lets go in…

that movie was entirely about bobby brown.
they should have called it:

“we got something in common:
bobby brown’s chronicles of dating whitney houston”

for a movie titled “whitney”,
all i got was “bobby”.
the movie focused too much on him.
it came off like bobby brown helped write this script,
as well as assist angela bassett in directing it.
it also made him look like this “saint” who followed whitney around.
from what i’ve researched on him,
he had a gigantic ego that the movie didn’t touch on.
he burned a lot of bridges.
now i have heard whitney allegedly got him into drugs,
but when he turned down the coke she offered him in that one scene:


favorite-emoji-choice-side-eyewhat i took from the movie is they were both troubled people in love.
i also got drugs can ruin your talent.
it is all a sad truth into her legacy.
i know they couldn’t pack her whole life in,
but they didn’t focus on how she was discovered.

“who the hell is whitney?”
“how was she discovered?”
“what was her family life like?”

they didn’t show how she grew up singing in the church.
hell they addressed robin,
but didn’t address the alleged down low relationship.
they just jumped into how she met bobby.
i left the movie not really knowing anything about whitney.
well other than she was a raging adhd cokehead,
who changed her hair every day,
and liked fuckin’ bobby brown every chance she got.
tumblr_nhs9h2Akat1tbo8tko1_1280i don’t know of all the inconsistencies the true whitney fans brought up,
but i don’t think the movie captured the essence that was her.
am i the only one who thought this?

lowkey: it was much better than the aaliyah movie.
i hated how it ended tho.
she on stage singing “i will always love you”
whitney-lifetime-will-always-love-you…and bobby crying in the corner.
turn screen white.
cut scene.
its a wrap.
it left me feeling very underwhelmed.
oh and i really really really thought that was mary j blige as cissy houston.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “So, Uh, That Whitney Movie…”

  1. Yeah I liked it but i didn’t love it. As you said YaYa did an ok job and at certain times in the right light with the right wig she looked liked her. The guy playing bobby was sexy as fuck as I was watching it with my sister we started crushing hard. Lol

    I will give auntie angela her props she did a good just b for her first time, yeah some scenes look cheap and a little rushed (but it’s lifetime budget) it was propbally one of the better films lifetime has had in awhile.

    I think my favorite scene was when yaya was performing to I’m every woman because we start all the different looks and it seem like she was having fun in the role. I give it a B as far as grading.

    P.S. No you are not the only one who though the lady playing whitney’s mom looked like Mary J. Whenever she came on screen I wanted to play going down. Lol

  2. I still haven’t watched it yet, but I will soon. I want to give it my undivided attention. You can’t make a TV movie about Whitney Houston’s entire life and I think they knew that. So they only touched on like 5 years of her beginning relationship with Bobby. I they attempt to do a movie biopic on cable, a miniseries would need to be done. lol. I really want to see it though. Given what I have been reading, it seemed WAY better than the Aaliyah biopic. Let’s see what Wendy Williams will say on her show today. She honestly can’t say anything bad after what she did. All in all, to say this was Mrs. Angela’s first directorial debut and the family’s objections, we can’t critique too harshly.

  3. After I saw the promo pic of this YaYa chic in the white T’shirt recreating the Whitney 1987 album and knowing that lifetime and Angela Basset was directing, I said NO to this whole mess. I may seem negative but Whitney deserves so much more than LIfetime, she was an icon and deserves to have a movie showing all facets of her. I have seen the preview on here and a few others on the net and read some reviews and from what I gather I didnt miss much. I have also heard that this movie was heavily skewed to make Bobby Brown look good and sort of repair his image. I may be one of the only few Black people in America, but I have never been too impressed with Angela Bassett, she seems to play the same role in every movie, coincidentally I saw American Horror story for the first time last night and must say she has impressed me in this so far but her other movies not so much. If Whitney was alive, I would think she would want her story told on the big screen with named actors and a big budget. I have to stand by the family on this, it must be hard to have your child being portrayed in a way that is not pleasing and not 100 percent accurate, I feel for her and Aaliyah families of having their legacies cheapen on Lifetime with these sub par scripts and budgets.

  4. I thought it was just me who noticed Arlen peen. But he got a nice ass tho. Like I said the movie was really worth watching, except for Arlen cause he’s so phione.

  5. People need to realize that Lifetime isn’t exactly HBO. It’s limited resources will never promise anything Emmy or Golden Globe worthy. But for it limited budget, and scope in which that story was told, I was entertained.

  6. Everything considered. It wasn’t that bad. I know the Houston family would like Whitney presented drug free but that would be a lie. They simply showed she used drug, The reality show is what showed her a lil messy, not this movie.

  7. The sex scenes were a bit much, and I was quite surprised lifetime showed all that lol. I was turned on tho. Bobby was portrayed as innocent through most of the movie until she caught him with that groupie. I wanted Angela to dwell into it more. I felt like I missed an hour of the movie. It should have been longer. I heard Whitney got Bobby on that stuff as well and it wouldn’t surprised me if she did.

  8. You were right to side eye that scene where he turned down her cocaine offer. I’m pretty sure Bobby has said he did crack before getting with Whitney. The movie tried to make him out to be this deep man but I wasn’t buying. He was an ugly ass dude with a huge ego. And from what I heard, he has a big ego in his pants, which might’ve been the reason Whitney wanted him in the first place.

  9. Yea the movie definitely tried to make it seem like he was a saint when it came to the drug issue. Bobby interview after the movie seemed like he was really genuine and he really missed Whitney even though he lied about a few things. The thing is Whitney had a problem that made her do cocaine. Do you’ll remember that Oprah interview with Whitney mom and brother Michael and he said he started her on drugs when they were young. He kind of beat around the bush when Oprah asked when. In Cissy Houston book she said that Robyn came to her in the late eighties and said her and Whitney was doing coke but Whitney was liking it to much. I really hate that Whitney died I do think she could of been saved but she had to really want it and I think she did but she was just so messed up. A lot of people slept on her looks she was beautiful in the 80’s and early 90’s and that voice was like no other that’s what made her a star she had the whole package. Drugs did ruin her and so did cigarettes and in 1994 she had vocal nodules that damaged her voice and although she still could sing her voice kept declining until she could barley speak. May she rest in peace she was one of a kind.

    1. ^such a beautiful comment eric.
      it seems like robin was really there for her.
      if the rumors are true,
      maybe things would have been different if she stayed with her.
      we may never know.

      thanks everyone who commented.
      i enjoyed reading everyone’s opinions on the movie.

  10. If you include commercials over a 2 hour period…Lifetime had about an hour and 25 minutes to tell their show. There’s no way they could capture everything people wanted in the short span of time. I’m hopeful that we will get a big screen “What’s Love Got To Do With It” and “Selena” treatment.

    I’m assuming that Bobby was the only one connected to Whitney that agreed to participate in the creative process and that’s why so much attention is on him.

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