angela bassett: our black legend that has fully bloomed

i am not a black woman.
i cannot speak for the issues that black women face.
i do know that when i first came to this country,
and i was bullied horrifically by the straight black boys,
it was black girls who came to my rescue.
they protected and made me feel safe.
as i grew up with them,
i understand that we both share many of the same issues.
some of our straight black “kangs” need to get their shit together.
they are driving us crazy with their shenanigans.

i’m not having the greatest day today tbh.
i was looking for something to change that.
i watched this speech by regina king at the 14th annual governors ball.
it was to honor our legendary queen and national treasure,
angela bassett:

i was so moved.
her voice was so comforting.
angela’s speech tho…

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I Needed Something To Put Me To Sleep (This Didn’t)

doesn’t ^that gif look really cozy and peaceful?
last night,
i couldn’t sleep.
it was about 2am or so.
it was the perfect time to watch a movie or a tv show.
the night before,
when i also couldn’t sleep,
i put on a movie called “lady bird”.
i fell asleep in the middle of that and resumed it the next morning.
btdubs: i don’t see what was so “oscar worthy” about that movie.
i remembered the foxhole telling me to watch a show i’d like.
i’m always down to check out good tv.
the show is called “9-1-1” with auntie angela basset and connie britton.
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So, Uh, That Whitney Movie…

-1so last night i watched the whitney houston movie.
it was about 12am or so.
i won’t lie,
i went into it with extremely low expectations.
i figured if it was terrible,
i could turn my head and go to sleep.
well these are my thoughts
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So Angela Bassett Is An Alleged Man?

screen-shot-2014-03-03-at-9-08-06-pm1well she is a good lookin man!
so bobbi kristina,
the late whitney houston’s daughter,
is not happy with auntie angela.
angela bassett that is.
bobbi went after her HARD BODY.
angela was quoted in a recent entertainment weekly interview:

EW: In uplifting her memory to the highest standard possible, did you ever think about casting her daughter Bobbi Kristina as Whitney herself?

Bassett: No, I did not think about that. I did not think about casting her. And probably for a number of reasons, you know. One being that she’s not an actress. I know she’s acted here and there. I know she’s been on their family’s reality show, but she’s not an actress and acting is a craft. It’s an attempt to illuminate the complexities of human behavior and life. And this is a very fast-paced schedule; we have just 21 days to tell this story. It’s more than just saying lines and turning the light on. You have to drive the story—there’s a technical aspect.

i mean is she lying?
well bobbi kristina went to twitter with a serious clap back…
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I Was Your Lover and Your Secretary, Working Every Day of the Week…

First off: I want to thank EVERY person who left me love.
All your comments and all your emails.

It made me cry by all the love I was getting.
You came through for me
when I actually hit the floor and for that,
I am really appreciative.


I was getting comfortable.

I will admit that I was getting “stuck”.
“He” was my one and only and helped provide me with nice things.
I was there for him and always had his back.
I did my job to make sure things went smooth and to receive love.
Who would have known that he wouldn’t recognize that and throw me to the side for a new “bitch”.
I almost felt like how Angela Bassett did in Waiting To Exhale.




I feel you Angela.
I feel you. 

Yesterday felt surreal.
Now that I am in my right mind…

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Jumping The Wolf

I jut got back from seeing this movie and it was pretty damn amazing.

The acting was great.
The plot was great.
The drama was even better.

But, it left me with a ton of thoughts on the way home.
I’m sure Al Green crooning through my speakers with “I’m Tired of Being Alone” didn’t help either.
So I have a question and it is one I am sure every Fox could co-sign with.

Where is he?

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