I Needed Something To Put Me To Sleep (This Didn’t)

doesn’t ^that gif look really cozy and peaceful?
last night,
i couldn’t sleep.
it was about 2am or so.
it was the perfect time to watch a movie or a tv show.
the night before,
when i also couldn’t sleep,
i put on a movie called “lady bird”.
i fell asleep in the middle of that and resumed it the next morning.
btdubs: i don’t see what was so “oscar worthy” about that movie.
i remembered the foxhole telling me to watch a show i’d like.
i’m always down to check out good tv.
the show is called “9-1-1” with auntie angela basset and connie britton.

i’m sooooooo into it!
i didn’t even fall asleep watching it because this is how i was:

i’m only up to the 3rd episode,
since i had to binge my other shows,
but it’s been added to “the list”.
i’ll definitely allow it!
auntie angela and her story line>>>
this sex fiending irresponsible snow wolf is gonna annoy me tho.
i can’t with him fuckin everyone he looks at.
catch up with me:

x WATCH 9-1-1 HERE

lowkey: i am trying to get into “seven seconds” on netflix.
it’s sad,
but i feel it moves too slow.
i put it on pause at episode 3 or 4 on that one.
i can’t stand the black public defender on that show.
^this one.
you’re in court and don’t even have your paper work together.
don’t even get me started on how she nearly ran off the road drunk.
she gets on my whole last of nerves.

9 thoughts on “I Needed Something To Put Me To Sleep (This Didn’t)

  1. Not to be a spoiler but this week’s episode… damn!!!! the part about Apolgy…. Got to me big time…………

  2. I love this show. Watch it every week. And every episode is so good and entertaining. Just wait Jamari, believe it or not it gets better. Next week is the season finale, I’m very excited for it.

  3. I’ve seen this trending. I suspected it was good. Somebody need to give Angela Bassett a muthafkin Oscar hell…she don played everythang.

    1. ^her acting is so powerful.
      she makes me emotional with how passionate she gets on screen.
      i wish she was considered for an oscar for her portrayal as tina turner.

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