the new ariel is definitely NOT what i expected

one of the fav disney movies is “the little mermaid“.
i remember being obsessed with this movie.
it was to the point i wanted to grow a tail and become a merman.
even though ariel” is pretty problematic,
this movie brings back a ton of memories for me.
on the wave of “live action/disney“,
they casted who “ariel” will be played by.
once it was announced,
you know “who” is currently having meltdowns as we font…

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this is us and i’m okay with it

there is a show that everyone has been telling me about.
karaoke was the first to rave about it,
but when she told me she always cries watching it,
i was like:

“aww hell nah”

jamari fox can tear up watching a movie trailer.
so with this show,
i felt i was going to ignore for my own emotions.
as time went on,
i was seeing more talk of the show,
along with getting renewed for like 2 seasons ahead.
everyone i spoke too mentioned it during different conversations.
now that i have free time,
i started to watch last night…

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I Needed Something To Put Me To Sleep (This Didn’t)

doesn’t ^that gif look really cozy and peaceful?
last night,
i couldn’t sleep.
it was about 2am or so.
it was the perfect time to watch a movie or a tv show.
the night before,
when i also couldn’t sleep,
i put on a movie called “lady bird”.
i fell asleep in the middle of that and resumed it the next morning.
btdubs: i don’t see what was so “oscar worthy” about that movie.
i remembered the foxhole telling me to watch a show i’d like.
i’m always down to check out good tv.
the show is called “9-1-1” with auntie angela basset and connie britton.
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Russell Wilson Must Be Getting The Ride of His Life

wilsonguess which singing vixen is squeezing on all that russell wilson booty?
well the forest has been talking.
you will never guess who he took to the white house state dinner tonight…
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