i wanna put up a christmas tree with my manz too!

so disclaimer:

We don’t know what is going on BTS behind other people’s relationships or marriages.

The Foxhole and many in my life have desensitized me to IG relationships.
we just saw someone reveal their abuse in their relationship an entry down.
i don’t feel bad about being single because i’m in healing mode atm.
a Foxholer sent me a video from a couple,
patrick parrish and stevie jt,
putting up a christmas tree in the home their share…

first off,
i’d watch their sex tape.
this is a gorgeous couple.

i’d want something like this

…but just not on social media.

i’d want my manz and i to have this wonderful and private love affair.
no drama or trying to make our relationship look better than what it is.
no “we started out one way and now someone wants something else“.
no “open relationships” or “someone isn’t enough anymore“.
we won’t always agree and i’m okay with that.
there will be arguments and sleeping on the couch.
i just want a loving,
and kind relationship
with my manz.
we both have a healthy obsession with each other.
the way we look at each other >
i can kinda see what he’d be like in my imagination.

We were taking trips together.
work out at the same gym,
and  put up decorations every holiday season.

We have events at our home and I’ve had his puppy.
two and a kitten.

not only that,
i want a manz that i’m attracted but doesn’t look like me.
i don’t want to have sex with my mirror image.

i feel like in order for me to even get that,
i had to work out some things first.
i’m legit content and fully accept my singleness.

I’m happy dating myself rn.

your person is out there.
he might be a couple bolcks away.
maybe you have to do some housekeeping before he comes.
maybe he is right in-front of your face and you keep looking at others.
i hope patrick and stevie continue to go strong.

lowkey: seriously,
they are both fine af…


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i see what you did for others…

3 thoughts on “i wanna put up a christmas tree with my manz too!

  1. Oh Jamari, you are still so vain. There are a plethora of gay couples doing this. But you posted them because on surface level they look like they present masculine energy with 10 face card. But baby boy learn to celebrate the spectrum. It’s always masc masc masc guys for you. You do a disservice to us when you only highlight these types of guys.

  2. Love watching their posts. It does hearts good to see ppl happy in relationships. I have recently rediscovered the ability to see good in ppl and things and not look for any cracks in the veneer. I wish them the best and look forward to all who want it, finding their person.

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