the bb sub, his dom daddy, and the kind of sh*t they’re into

i have said before that i’m open to dating white wolves.
they aren’t my first choice but if i met one who looked like this:


without the drinking and shenanigans,
i’ll be off the market.
a foxholer sent me two images of bbredhawk.
he is a sub who has two dom daddies.
you’re probably like,
this is what he is into…

one of his dom daddies happens to be OF creator,
joseph ox:

so The Foxholer told me that it had twitter abuzz.
some things aren’t going to translate well in interracial relationships.
they definitely won’t translate well to an audience either.
^this is one of them.
it’s definitely giving “slave child and massa’s wacky hi-jinks“.
if bbredhawk likes it then i guess we loves it?

7 thoughts on “the bb sub, his dom daddy, and the kind of sh*t they’re into

    1. I saw it. That movie was SO disturbing. I won’t give it away but that Black character’s motivation was especially disturbing.

      Also, you did see that the actor playing the Black character went on to murder his boyfriend. He’s now in prison, I believe.

  1. Holy shit….i know him. I used to work with him. Let me find out! 😮 he was such a sweet and bubbly person, hadn’t fully accepted his own sexuality. Never would have expected this character arc but I’m intrigued.

    1. It makes sense actually. Especially if he was religious. He’d never let a Black man do this. He probably justifies it as being punished for being gay or something

      1. Actually if you look at his Twitter his other dom daddy is a black man. You tried it though 🥴

      2. Actually his other dom daddy is a black man according to his Twitter. Some people are just into BDSM, you kinda tried it though lol

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