hello 9-1-1 on fox? ryan guzman has me on fire

i seriously have to finish “the boy next door”.
i started it and never got through it.
i didn’t even know ryan guzman was playing “the boy”.
i thought it was some snow wolf.
i wasn’t paying attention.
well ryan has gotten my attention since he was casted in “9-1-1”.
i think he’s handsome af
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instead of bookin a role on “onlyfans”, he got one on “9-1-1”

so i’m into “9-1-1” heavy on fox.
i’m sure i’ve fonted about it already.
i love the dynamic of the characters,
the lowkey crush on buck,
(played by oliver stark):

…and how every episode has a wild opening emergency sequence.
auntie angela bassett does her thing on the show too.
i can’t forget about ryan guzman and jennifer love hewitt either.
well i was watching last week’s episode last night,
titled “dosed”,
and a familiar face and bawdy popped up.
it’s an attentionisto i’ve fonted about many times before.
guess who?
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I Needed Something To Put Me To Sleep (This Didn’t)

doesn’t ^that gif look really cozy and peaceful?
last night,
i couldn’t sleep.
it was about 2am or so.
it was the perfect time to watch a movie or a tv show.
the night before,
when i also couldn’t sleep,
i put on a movie called “lady bird”.
i fell asleep in the middle of that and resumed it the next morning.
btdubs: i don’t see what was so “oscar worthy” about that movie.
i remembered the foxhole telling me to watch a show i’d like.
i’m always down to check out good tv.
the show is called “9-1-1” with auntie angela basset and connie britton.
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