hello 9-1-1 on fox? ryan guzman has me on fire

i seriously have to finish “the boy next door”.
i started it and never got through it.
i didn’t even know ryan guzman was playing “the boy”.
i thought it was some snow wolf.
i wasn’t paying attention.
well ryan has gotten my attention since he was casted in “9-1-1”.
i think he’s handsome af

one thing i noticed is ryan has a really nice tail.


x see his tail in naked glory

it helps him fill out his pants in “9-1-1”.
jlo was on my type of time during her sex scene with him.
she made sure to grab two handfuls of that cake:


you know i love a wolf with a nice butt.

ryan is taken to a beautiful vixen.
her name is chrysti-ane

…and she’s pregnant with their first cub.
he posted the gender reveal on his ig:

congrats to this beautiful couple.
i wish him many more blessings
as well more wet dreams for me.

pictures and videos cc: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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