instead of bookin a role on “onlyfans”, he got one on “9-1-1”

so i’m into “9-1-1” heavy on fox.
i’m sure i’ve fonted about it already.
i love the dynamic of the characters,
the lowkey crush on buck,
(played by oliver stark):

…and how every episode has a wild opening emergency sequence.
auntie angela bassett does her thing on the show too.
i can’t forget about ryan guzman and jennifer love hewitt either.
well i was watching last week’s episode last night,
titled “dosed”,
and a familiar face and bawdy popped up.
it’s an attentionisto i’ve fonted about many times before.
guess who?

alex wilright.
he was in a body building competition scene.

here are some gifs from the scene via “male ass haul” on tumblr:

he didn’t have a speaking role,
but hey!
it’s better than an “onlyfans”.
i’ll allow it.

4 thoughts on “instead of bookin a role on “onlyfans”, he got one on “9-1-1”

  1. Whats the scoop on him being an alleged escort?

    I also remember seeing a comment referring to him as Keri Hilson’s twin LOL, made me laugh a bit

  2. OMG I met Angela Bassett at my job, she’s so sweet and very much like you’d imagine her to be. Except shorter than I’d imagine. P.s. I’m not sure what profession you’re in Jamari but my job is always hiring in NYC

  3. Yessss!! Couldn’t agree more. Thought I was the only one who went in for 9-1-1. Angela is everything. And her pairing with Rockmond – whew chile! But I definitely find myself taken with the guy who plays Buck…AND the captain (don’t judge me lmao)… oh yeah – kudos to Alex!

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