when someone puts more than their foot in your meal

^that meal looks delicious,
but after this following entry
so it’s about to be the start of potluck season in a few weeks.
i’ll be honest with you foxhole…

I was never with the “potluck” shit at jobs

you never know how people keep their homes,
especially their kitchens.
so my home vixen sent me the following video and i nearly gagged.
it’s a snow vixen who has an interesting way of cooking.
this isn’t for weak stomachs…

imagine going to her crib for a get-together,
she cooked what appeared to be a delicious meal,
and it’s seasoned with salt,
and lougie.
legit constructed through cavities.
“that’s not ginger!
that’s gingivitis!”.

What makes someone want to cook like a caveman?

i’ll never forget,
before i started cooking,
my straight home wolf would invite me to his crib for dinner.
he lived with his grandmother.
so i was at the table eating alone in their kitchen,
and i look over to my right

WHY did i see this big ass mouse walking on the counter?

strolling like he about to go get a beer or some shit.
i can’t even describe the traction i made outta there.

i never ate there again.

be careful whose food and houses you eat at.
not everyone is as sanitary as they should be.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “when someone puts more than their foot in your meal”

  1. Nasty heifer!!! I’m trying to keep it nice, I’m with you Jamari, you have to watch whose house you eat at, and if they have pets I damn sure ain’t eating there, most of the those people are nasty!! You know who I’m talking about.

  2. I don’t eat at nobody house except my siblings. My momma taught us that from a young age & as far as potlucks at work no sir! I would always have them fix my plate & tell them I had business to take care of on my break & would throw it away. For the most part I cook my own food & only go to select restaurants that I know sanitary.

  3. In this episode of white people do the darndest things.. That bitch is just nasty though.

    Mari, that’s a hood rule right there. Do we need to get them going?

    1) Don’t eat no food unless you were there cooking it with them.
    2) Be weary of clothes/bags left at your house by trifling people, they will bring bugs and rodents.
    3) Kleptos love going to your bathroom.
    4) Don’t puff unless you saw them roll it up.
    5) Be suspicious of anything given for free.

    1. ^font it!

      i’m weary of folks coming to my crib for this reason.
      wolves will come to fuck you and leave you with a wet tail and an infestation.

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