The Secret Gay Life of An Alleged American Baller (Jackal)

there is a scene in last week’s episode of “acs: versace” that rattled me.
it was this rich older snow wolf who hit on a young “straight” wolf at a gay bar.
the “straight” wolf said he wasn’t gay,
only liked the drinks gays bought him,
but went home with the rich older snow wolf.
by one slight touch,
the rich older snow wolf was bludgeoned to death.
when you have self hatred for who you are,
you’re bound to kill anyone that triggers that side.
this is what’s the alleged story of the late baller jackal,
aaron hernandez.
“oxygen” has an explosive 2 part documentary called “aaron hernandez uncovered”,
which is allegedly exposing aaron’s dl ways.
a foxholer sent me this from “ny daily news”

Aaron Hernandez was gay and endured an emotionally taxing struggle with his sexuality that could help explain his violent behavior, according to multiple people close to the deceased former Patriots tight end.

This bombshell speculation is revealed in a new Oxygen documentary called “Aaron Hernandez Uncovered,” TMZ Sports reports. The two-part T.V. movie includes interviews with Hernandez’s ex-girlfriends, members of his legal team and close friends. It airs Saturday (3/17) and Sunday (3/18).

“This man clearly was gay,” said George Leontire, an openly gay member of Hernandez’s defense team. ”(He) acknowledged it. Acknowledged the immense pain that it caused him.”

Leontire says he spoke with Hernandez about his sexuality and got the immensely troubled man to open up about those demons.

“I think that he also came out of a culture that was so negative about gay people that he exhibited some self-hatred,” Leontire said.

Alyssa Anderson, Hernandez’s college girlfriend, claims she discovered Hernandez was dating a man while they were both students at the University of Florida. Anderson says Hernandez initially denied it but later “cryptically acknowledged” this fact.

i’ll be 100,
i don’t know what to believe in this case.
a side of me doesn’t believe any of it,
but i’ve been fooled before.
from the outside looking in,
aaron came off like a legit sociopath that it’s hard to gauge anything.
was there a motive why he even killed odin?
and if all this dl juice is slipping out,
would that mean odin was also gay/knew aaron’s secret?

i will font that you have to watch out for those suffering from self hatred.
they’re pretty easy to spot.

a) they tend to be the  ones who will who flirt with you,
have you thinking he gets down,
but will get mad af when you make a bold move.
they love to turn everything on you for a public flogging.

b) the types who will shun you in public,
but they look away fast when you catch them staring you down.
they’ll never make a move.
they’re content with keeping you their “jack off fantasy”/thinking of you while fuckin some pussy.

c) homophobic af,
but playing stupid why they’re curious about gays/doing sus shit.
they will scream how gay is wrong,
drop the “f” bomb about everyone,
but secretly logging into “” for foxhole commentary.

both types can lead to extremely violence and it’s best to avoid.
i’ve had my share of closet cases and i’m good.
i like those who are upfront and leave the role playing for the bedroom.

article: ny daily news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “The Secret Gay Life of An Alleged American Baller (Jackal)”

  1. I saw clips from this and to be honest I don’t really know what to believe either. You know the media and the public loves to blow up any little thing that deals with a man sexuality. I mean him being gay or bisexual doesn’t change the fact he killed somebody, but if he was struggling with these feelings it’s a good indicator of maybe why he felt the need to hang around the wrong people.

    The examples you listed are the main reasons why I’m trying to not get crushes Straight or bi curious men anymore. No one has time for those mind games and I value my life and sanity.

    P.S. I see what you did there with the last part of example c.) 😏

    1. ^😊
      glad you caught it.

      he isn’t some struggling gay martyr.
      he killed someone in cold blood and left them to die.
      his story is interesting,
      but he isn’t a hero.

  2. I watched Part 1 last night. It was sad. He lost his dad, a driving force in his life, right at the time he needed him most. His mom started messing with another family member, which drove him to a relative’s home, where the “wrong element” hung out all the time. That started his downhill slide. Once he got to college in Miami, he was a “star athlete” used to getting what he wanted/needed, and because of that his behavior spiraled out of control…on top of not really dealing with his dad’s death. Recipe for disaster.

    I think had he not been drafted by the New England Patriots, he might not have ended up in the predicament he was in. He was in close proximity to the thugs he grew up with, including the two guys who were eventually jailed along with him for Odin’s murder. The documentary never went into detail about him joining a gang, or the alleged gang element in his life, although some of the people interviewed mentioned it in passing.

    Tonight’s episode (Part 2) is supposed to touch on his sexuality. I wonder if the guy he was allegedly attached to before he died, the one he allegedly took on vacations, will be interviewed. Not to mention the guy he was allegedly attached to in the jail.

    A lot of guys who are bisexual and closeted have a tendency to misdirect their anger.
    They take it out on others, instead of seeking help. Whether Odin knew or not he was bisexual didn’t give him the right to have the guy killed. It was made to look as if he had issue with Odin because he was talking to people Aaron didn’t like. That’s high school shyt. I mean really, you’re a grown ass man getting mad because your friend is talking to people you don’t like.

    They will also talk about the damage to his brain. According to some doctors he had the worst case of CTE (brain damage) they’d seen so far. It will be used as an excuse as to why he killed Odin as well. He was not in his right mind, they will say.

  3. This very suspect they really want to portray him as gay,a lot of men that’s dl that have a lot to lose don’t go around killing people,And how come no one has ever come forward even anonymously to spill that gay teas !…pass. he was a sociopath killer that’s it! It’s like they want to better his image by saying that wasn’t his fault but it was his “gay side”,I wonder if he was black,would they look for any reason to make him sympathetic?…
    I won’t believe a word of that lawyer and that girl that he told ” criptycly” that he was gay

  4. I think it may be truth to it,well at least somewhat. However, no one could give definite details about Aaron’s personal life but him. If it is true, it really sheds light on how desperate people are to keep that secret. Whatever the case is though, he did not have to murder that man.

  5. C’mon guys…where’s the compassion? There’s no excuse for killing a guy though, but Most of us who have had to hide our sexually our whole lives can attest to the anxiety that comes with it. I’m in my early 30’s and i still have a hard time with it. I’ve only dated guys with the same issue and it sucks all the way around. Even though you feel that some people probably know, you still try to keep up this lie anyway you can hoping that people don’t ask you about that stuff. It can drive you crazy. Sometimes small mistakes and moments of vulnerability tend to give you away, even if you have kids or a girl or not. It’s hard. I totally believe it.

    1. ^the thing i love about the foxhole is that you get a comment that slaps you in the face.
      i looked at the “sociopathic murderer” instead of the story behind it.
      i think that’s what makes it hard to feel sorry for him.
      ill have to watch the documentary and get into his backstory.
      like i said in the last entry,
      even villains have a start somewhere.

  6. hello i do belIeve in the LGBTQ COMMUNITY B STANDS FOR BISEXUAL HE WAS BI HELLO STOP WITH THE FAG TAG HE WAS A FREAK IN BED let him rest in peace all these idiots making money off this tragic story of self destructive behavior costs him and the victims life need to stop .the only one who should make money from this tragedy is the victim and his kids

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