Andrew Cunanan Was Made, Not Born?

every “bad guy” has a past.

comic books
tv shows
internet trolls

real life

if you’re observant and do some digging,
you’ll find the source.
there are folks in my life that hurt me,
but when i stop and thought about the things they said,
i realized where that hurt in them came from.
i feel like no one is born bad tho,
but certain life events led them to play the role of the “villains”.
can i tell you i am absolutely blown away by “american crime story: the assassination of gianni versace”?
everything is brilliant about this show.
this cast and crew deserve all the awards.
this week on episode “creator/destroyer”,
they showed us andrew cunanan’s past and i have to font (with spoilers)…

his father ruined him

his father was trying to re-create the “american dream” to andrew,
all while lying and scamming folks out their money to keep up the front.
he praised andrew like a king,
with some alleged sexual molestation undertones,
over his other cubs that lived in the same home.
why would you move your one son into the master bedroom,
while your wife and other cubs sleep in another bedroom?
his father was a lowkey sociopath by how he slander the mother.
he never let his paw off her neck by reminded andrew she wasn’t mentally fit.
it showed me how immigrant parents can be on a quest for “whiteness approval” too.
from what i picked up on,
andrew didn’t look like the other siblings.
he was “whiter” in complexion,
which seemed to trigger his father into spoiling him.
he created this monster that was “andrew cunnann”.

andrew’s father was a classic narcissist.
everything he did was all for show and power,
but somehow blamed the family for why he did it.
there is a scene where andrew calls him out,
and like a typical narc,
he disrespected tf outta him since he had no more use for him.
once a narc/sociopath is done with you,
they will cut you off like you never existed.
i was shook,
but i peeped how little things can create the demons within us.
it left me to wonder…

Can people change?

they say a hyena or jackal never change their fur,
but i’d like to think you can if you’re determined.
i hope the foxhole can catch up on this show.
i’m excited to font with you guys about it.
it has so many relevant themes of life right now.
you won’t tell me if “andrew cunanan” existed in this era,
his instagram would not have been poppin.
i can only imagine the others who are frontin’ the same.

x watch every episode of “acs: the assassination of gianni versace”

lowkey: i’m gonna check out “9-1-1” next.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Andrew Cunanan Was Made, Not Born?”

  1. I have to watch this when I’m on vacation. I only saw the first three episodes.
    This dude was something else!

  2. You should watch the actual interviews with his father and siblings. This show over exaggerated the relationships he had with his family. Most importantly his father. Also, all the siblings look white. Andrew was however, much more cunning and intelligent.

      1. He was the Dad’s favorite. But I think the dad had bigger ambitious dreams for Andrew via the american dream route. But Andrew took these opportunities to basically manipulate people. His Dad was in his corner even during the manhunt. The vids are on yt.

  3. 911 is sooooo dam good! You get to see all the crazy types of calls 1st responders have to deal with and some of the are absolutely insane! Its 1 wtf moment after another! Plus it stars Angela Bassett, need I say more. Lol

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