i read somewhere that you need to guard it with your life.
it’s one thing for people to talk about you,
but it’s another for there to be receipts for your fuckery.
nothing worst than google pulling up your whole shit.
that being written


let’s have a little font

i was listening to “i gotta make it” today.

when i first heard that album,
out of all the new school r&b wolves,
i knew he was the one,
even with the braids and the struggle chest.
i bought that album off that one song,
like the actual cd,
and it got me through an “ain’t shit” job and wolves i was dealing with.
i must have listened to that album non stop.
i don’t consider myself one of his “angels”,
but i am one of his best foxes.

i’ve rocked with trey heavy ever since then.
i bought every album,
downloaded mixtapes,
and had un-released remixes on my computer.
he turned me all the way out.

fast forward to 2018 and tremaine is on the bullshit.
he turned himself in for alleged domestic violence case.

he beat some vixen up at his crib,
threw both her phones off a hill,
and kicked her ass out.

the story sounds weird af,
but when your reputation is tarnished,
the audience will automatically think you did it when you didn’t.

i don’t know what tremaine is doing nowadays.
i was happy to see him bless the remix to “when we” from tank:

…but this “billy bad ass” act is washed for me.
is he depressed?
does he feel he’s going nowhere?
what is the plan?
this “thug pineapple” thing is not working.
in a perfect world,
the only thing he’d be beatin’ up is my vagina,
but this ain’t a perfect world and i ain’t a vixen.


I’ll need you to get it the WHOLE together

you were able to change your hair,
but now i’ll need you to change the drama.
when you was hungry for this career back in 05,
singing about making it and aretha franklin on the intro,
was alla this part of the dream too?

wake up.

lowkey: i’m always here if you need advice tremaine.
clearly you aren’t getting it from those around you.
you need a “jamari fox” in your life.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. Even though I dont know this dude, he is about in the same category to me as Brian McKnight and Tyrese, they all seemed to be male Douches. Granted Trey is a very good looking dude, but it is something about his spirit that keeps me from looking at him with more than a passing glance. I may be way off base judging these celebs from just interviews, and appearances on TV but most times, I can always pick up something from celebs. Trey has never come off as a genuine person, it is like you can tell behind the scenes he is totally different than the image he tries to paint. Of course you probably can say that about 95 percent of celebs but it is something about him that always seems real nasty. I really dont think he is Gay, but I dont think he likes women either, and I dont mean in a sexual sense but he seems like his little brother Chris, like he does not respect women. It’s telling that he has never been really linked to a woman to my knowledge celebrity or regular, and he may choose to keep his private life very private but R&B heart throb or not he is at the age where most have been married and have children by now if you are str8 at least. Sadly, I believe he probably does abuse women, maybe he will prove me wrong but these high profile dudes no matter their race all seemed to be pretty nasty pieces of work when the camera’s stop flashing. No matter that they are famous, have money and power, many of them seemed to be very insecure when dealing with the opposite sex.

  2. Not into women like they should be and for the most part their struggle is that they do not appreciate the opposite sex. Life of a private closeted gay man!!

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