When You Come Out The Closet But Have Another Announcement

*the following entry has explicit content.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

dave tyson has come out of the closet.
okay wait…
he has already come out of the main closet,
but there was another door he wanted to close.
dave was a wolf,
but he posted this on his ig:

and this what a foxholer sent me that he posted next

dave proceeded to unleash his inner submissive fox on ig:

i didn’t know showing my tail all over ig means i’m a fox and proud,
but i guess this helps dave feel comfortable in his new fur.

lowkey: am i the only one getting lowkey advertising from this or…

Author: jamari fox

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16 thoughts on “When You Come Out The Closet But Have Another Announcement”

  1. It’s a small world out here. When I was down south (VA) I saw his profile on Grindr. He’s a typical color struck ninja who thinks he’s different (read: better) than other black men. He spends his days begging any non-black man on that app to make him their bitch. So he’s still not living his total truth. -_- I didn’t bother to write him but a Latino friend of mine did and let’s just say he was willing to jump through all kinda hoops for some non-black dick.

  2. What in the bullshit is going on? Just say that you want to show your ass and keep it moving!
    Plenty of black gay men (Hell, GAY men period) like to bottom & be submissive. You don’t get a gold star for that. Move along! Attention whore.

  3. I’m probably in the minority with this comment but this is a grown man. Why is he being praised for coming out and posting pics of his naked hairy butt?

    I’m a lil bias about hairy asses too since mine is smooth & I’m not with the coughing up hairballs and stuff. If you got enough hair on your ass to create a Patti LaBelle wig…nahh.

    Is anyone not sensing the desperation in these pics for attention and I’m still trying to figure out what is up with this imma masculine bottom movement all of a sudden? If you like peen in your butt on your own spare time, fine. What you do in the bedroom is your business…

    What is the importance of letting everyone know when it’s not everyone’s business except the person you are with.

    How do you know his post is extra? He could have simply said he was gay and moved on.

    Instead, he went through this testimonial to create a Jack’d inspired Instagram post to populate his DMs to secure his Bussy Benefits.

  4. When many of these guys come out they feel they need to do the most extreme shit to fit in with other gays e.g. attending the club daily, going to every damn pride, 25/8/367 in the gym, taking all kinds of attentionisto pics, sleeping with everyone, doing porn, damn near escorting, cross dressing, being insufferable, etc. I’m glad he decided to live in his truth, but he’s just another gay boy who decided to come out. Nobody cares.

  5. lots of those muscular guys are bottoms,just like women they tend to put on make up etc to be pretty and to attract men, that is why bottoms do,they put on muscles,you can even check some amateur sex vids to see how mostly sexy muscular framed bottom is getting fucked by a not so or average frame top (the usually have big dicks though) πŸ™‚

  6. I screen shotted the shit outta those pics. I ain’t reading ish on his IG page tho. Hoes be looking for excuses to be neeked πŸ˜‚

  7. My first comment got a 500 Internal Error, so here goes try Number 2-LMAO- Anyway back to Brotha Dave, when I tell you this Jupiter in Scorpio for 2018 aint no damn joke, it is revealing all. I guess Dave said damn, I am tired of you foxes hitting me up on Jackd because I am a trainer and have muscles, and this is the only way you will understand. I was not ready for real. Go Dave.

  8. This is really good for him I’m happy he found his courage and will not feel the need to deal with the pressure from others to conform that’s really good for him.

  9. There are some masculine gay men who likes to bottom this is not new and remember there was a time that it was taboo for a top to suck dick now there a lot of tops that suck dick

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