Arlen Escarpeta aka Bobby Brown Has Something To Say

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 1.01.27 PMwell after years of hard work in acting,
arlen escarpeta is getting his shine.
playing “bobby brown” was a really good look for his career.
so since i’m in “sniffing” mode for the whitney movie,
i stumbled across this interview he had with tmz.
  he explained the true premise of the “whitney” movie,
as well as his thoughts on the criticism from the “houston” family...
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So, Uh, That Whitney Movie…

-1so last night i watched the whitney houston movie.
it was about 12am or so.
i won’t lie,
i went into it with extremely low expectations.
i figured if it was terrible,
i could turn my head and go to sleep.
well these are my thoughts
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