So, Uh, That Whitney Movie…

-1so last night i watched the whitney houston movie.
it was about 12am or so.
i won’t lie,
i went into it with extremely low expectations.
i figured if it was terrible,
i could turn my head and go to sleep.
well these are my thoughts
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Whitney Houston Gets A Little Bit of Leakage as you know,
the whitney houston biopic premieres on lifetime on jan 17.
it stars yaya dacosta an arlen escapeta as whitney and bobby.
it was also directed by wendy williams angela bassett.
well a f-bi sent me a a scene from the movie and well
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So This Is How They Re-Created The “Whitney” Cover?

Whitney_Houston-Whitney-Frontali personally think ^this album from whitney houston is her best.
i listened to it for the first time like a year ago and was blown away.
every song on her second album sounds good.
no skippables.
so as you know,
angela bassett is directing the whitney houston biopic for lifetime.
they casted “america’s next top model”,
and most lowkey successful,
yaya dacosta to play the legend.
extremely big heels to fill.
well the first image from the movie was released.
it happened to be yaya recreating whitney’s “whitney” cover and well…
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