Hype Kills

tumblr_static_hype--1when you have a talent,
and people recognize you for it,
that can start to raise your self esteem.
“they like me!
they really really like me!”
once that happens,
you start building the momentum to achieve more.
this is what happens to successful people.
“the a list”.
the d list of folks start believing their own hype.
i have met a ton of “everyone” as i have maneuvered in this game.
from a to z list.
without a doubt the:

reality show instafamers
boasty socialite bloggers
mixtape/ep chitlin circuit contenders
attentionisto/ista instagram irrelevants
new money pineapple and pineapplettes

…have theeeeeeeee nastiest attitudes.
they believing their own hype.
they start throwing shots at everyone,
acting like they are better than you,
and basically losing all their humility because of a tiny bit of fame.
in this new realm of “look at me/i’m the shit”,
where its easy to get attention because you have no talent at all,
i had to wonder…

Why are people falling victim to their own hype?

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