truth of dare: we want to see zednray (done?)

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zednray continues to be an interesting couple but is on-brand with dating in 2021.
you know the #couplegoals of 2021.
taking cute pictures on socials,
traveling to exotic locations,
taking all the pictures/videos down,
launching subs in ig stories,
and then getting back together a few more times until dating ptsd is gained.
what makes zednray interesting are they are two proclaimed wolves doing this.
quiet as kept,
i just told one of the foxholers that i feel like zed is secretly giving ray a good pounding.
my foxy senses have been lowkey thinking that.
 look at The Universe because an f-bi sent in an alleged “truth or dare” video


 if this is them,
i think it was kinda hot af.
the way zed slid in tho,
you already know that love cushion hasn’t been unfamiliar territory for him.
i mean zed was licking the feets and all.
i wonder if ray has been up inside zed?
 i think it’s more for ray than zed judging by body language tbh.
ray always looks completely turnt out to me.
zed be phoning it in sometimes.
either way,
if all of this is true…

Good for them!

i think a majority of us already had a feeling tho.

they also have a new song that i’m into.
its called “feelings” and i really dig the vibe:

now let’s play a game of truth.

“Will ZednRay be breaking up next week?”

lowkey: why do the forests call them scammers?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

26 thoughts on “truth of dare: we want to see zednray (done?)”

  1. I need me a Zed. Can’t pass for white. Sweetheart. Willing to kill for me. YES

    Zed went from looking like a Green Day member to a GTA NPC. We love to see a twink switch it up for his love.

  2. They have stuck it out. They are also very talented. The music is catchy and can do well if marketed properly. As for the sex games- well I want to see both of them getting pounded by each other but ALAS, someone has to play possum !

  3. OMG, thank you for sharing that vid, J. SO f’n hot! Surprised it wasn’t Zed getting that Ray D. He always struck me as a bottom. I have a feeling Zed takes it too. But Zed knows how to get creative w/the angles for sure.

    Not feeling their song though. Pretty by the books R & B. Nothing interesting to my taste imo.

    1. Ngl, this turned me df on! Their vibe is A-1. I honestly thought Ray would top Zed first. I think I assumed this because most black dudes that fuck with dudes have that “ain’t sucking or getting fucked unless it’s bigger than mine” rule. Ray ass so phat, so that got me hard. But the way Ray pounded him and was saying “gimme that pussy baby…” That was all it took for me 🤪💦 🤣😂🤣

      1. Lol not true. We need to kill this notion that “most” gay black men are tops by default because its a whole ass lie. Especially the “not sucking dick” part, because most do. Regardless of size

        Black gay men in general give it up just as much as the other races do, many just won’t openly say it because of the social stigma that has to do with passive men being feminine & the glorification of the dominant “homo thug” that seems to plague the community

  4. Smh…while I definitely liked the video (cuz the chemistry was on point), I hate that they went down the OnlyFans route ‘cuz it’s definitely gonna hinder any future opportunities that may come their way. Y’all remember the black dude that got kicked off one of them singing shows?

    But, I understand they gotta make money and pay their bills…

    1. They’re a non-celeb gay couple of color, sadly by default I don’t think many MAJOR opportunities would be presented to them anyway because of that alone. For others, if onlyfans was a thing in the 80s/90s where scandals ruined careers, definitely. As of now we live in a GEN-Z era where a black gay artist can give satan a lap dance, promote satan shoes with human blood, and still thrive in his career. One of the most talked about and followed celebs today became a entertainment staple off of a sex tape. Shock value isn’t as exciting as it use to be, we don’t have to jump thru hurdles anymore to watch porn, it’s free and two clicks away. Social media has desensitized most of us. Rubi rose, tyga and a few others are still making music and hopped on the onlyfans wave and are profiting. I highly doubt it would be a hinderance.

  5. Now thats what im talkin abbout, roll that baked bean footage as i jerk that turkey. Im going to have a jolly nite! Zed looks good in person.

  6. Am I tripping or zed can’t fuck to save his life, maybe I’m just spoiled by porn, beautiful couple to look at though. Those bodies.

    1. He was actually better than I thought, especially since I assumed that he was the more submissive one in bed.

      Zed just needs to work on that stroke and make sure he spreads Ray’s big ol’ cheeks so he can get up in there…

  7. Why….does everyone want the skinny twink built guy to top the built one?

    I get different tastes, but you ALL are complaining like it’s normal for smaller guys to topper bigger ones in porn.

    1. I noticed that too LOL…

      It’s because Rey is black. Some gay Black men have a complex when it comes to letting white-adjacent men top them. I’ve seen it in porn videos too in the comments of interracial videos where the black guy is the bottom. So it’s nice to see that they both love each other & are comfortable enough to do whatever on camera just like how they do behind closed doors.

      I personally don’t think its a big deal about who tops who (even in real life also, not just porn) but thats just me

      But I agree, I also like seeing big built men being dominant. Now if both of the guys are the same size then its whatever – but I liked seeing Zed top in this video.

  8. I’m glad they are getting support but for me, the looks ain’t giving, the music was so beyond trash, the lighty couldn’t even fuck well in his dreams, the fake bass voices is killing me roughly, talking about “give me the pussy” whilst the other one fake grunting like a fucking bear like you just didn’t post whole song of you queens singing falsetto like you true to it. They are so obviously fraudulent, I can’t even, just a whole lot of cornbread, popcorn and tamales with cheese sauce. But I am glad they getting support.

    P.S. Old Zed looked like she had a geniune personality.

  9. Beautiful Black kings doing their thing! I have always loved them for their honest and affection for each other.😉♥️♥️💯👊🏿

    1. Zed isn’t black LOL. Check his older pics when he lived in Europe before he started cosplaying as a lightskinned biracial with Black American style aesthetics

  10. Its good they are being verse for each other. They are like Tyrone and Johnnell. Ray got cakes and dick.

    People called them scammers because they had an onlyfans and wasn’t showing nothing. Everything they were posting was IG material. Now this will definitely get posted on Myvidster and be circulating for a while. Cant wait to see the next episode because clearly the liquor got them forgetting the camera was even there. They was into it. Especially when Zed was sucking Ray dick. I felt that for him too.

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