truth of dare: we want to see zednray (done?)

*The following entry is rated M.
Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

zednray continues to be an interesting couple but is on-brand with dating in 2021.
you know the #couplegoals of 2021.
taking cute pictures on socials,
traveling to exotic locations,
taking all the pictures/videos down,
launching subs in ig stories,
and then getting back together a few more times until dating ptsd is gained.
what makes zednray interesting are they are two proclaimed wolves doing this.
quiet as kept,
i just told one of the foxholers that i feel like zed is secretly giving ray a good pounding.
my foxy senses have been lowkey thinking that.
 look at The Universe because an f-bi sent in an alleged “truth or dare” video

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7/17/16 | close to 10pm you prepared for when things come to an end?
sometimes you get no warning.
it’s like being the best employee at your job,
and suddenly,
they call you into the office to let you know you’re fired.
all these thoughts go through your head…
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The Unofficial Confession To Confessing My Feelings To My Crush

tumblr_llgr1sI0YH1qf4gwdso it happened.
i took the advice of some of my readers.
i decided to lay all my feelings for work wolf on the table.
not exactly.
i made a confession to him tonight.
just hit the break and lets get into it…
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How To Have a Dog In His/Her Feels

tumblr_mlavocKhdf1qaruxco1_r2_500the story behind this following clip is the owner of this dog passed away.
well this was the outcome
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I Choked On His Penis and Even Let Him Run A Train On Me… and I Still Ain’t Get Chose.

I fucked that nigga again.
It was good, as always.
But, I don’t want to tie him down.
We fucked on the first day we met so why would I tie him down?
So I just keep on fallin for a fat ass.
None of these bottoms make it hard for a nigga.
Too many hoes out here.
– a real admission from a Wolf.


Is he right?
I feel like he is.
There ARE way too many hoes out here.
You can get online and talk to someone with no self worth to fuck.
They think because they met a “trade“,
they need to prove themselves by sucking the skin off his dick and letting him smash raw.
But, how do you prove to these Wolves you are different?
How do you prove you are more than just a meaningless fuck?
Or, because we are gay, we will never be looked at more than that?
I had to ask…

Are we, as Foxes, all just waiting to be chose?

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