How To Have a Dog In His/Her Feels

tumblr_mlavocKhdf1qaruxco1_r2_500the story behind this following clip is the owner of this dog passed away.
well this was the outcome

…okay how sad is this?
people be sleeping on animals and their feelings.
that was so heartbreaking.

lowkey: it reminds me of ( x the story of hachikō )

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “How To Have a Dog In His/Her Feels”

  1. Damn this break my heart. I’m not animal lover, but I totally respect them, but I am eternally grateful to one dog who save my life from this pit bull who chase me as a baby which why I’m scared of dogs. I know this going to sound crazy but one of these days the housepets are going to act like humans cause the more they spend time with us and exposing them to human life, they’re learning.

  2. I love dogs soon much and want to own a dog one day hopefully . But Im so allergic to them ;(. I almost started tearing watching this.

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