The Unofficial Confession To Confessing My Feelings To My Crush

tumblr_llgr1sI0YH1qf4gwdso it happened.
i took the advice of some of my readers.
i decided to lay all my feelings for work wolf on the table.
not exactly.
i made a confession to him tonight.
just hit the break and lets get into it…

so work wolf hit me up and told me he wanted to hit up a happy hour.
he wasn’t coming into work tomorrow and he wanted to chill.
i was down since i didn’t have anything to do.
plus i like spending time with him.
i know.
gossip-girl-blair-waldorf-shhdon’t judge me.
so we had some drinks at this spot.
it had a nice crowd.
some fine wolves was there too.
they were surrounded by vixens.
work wolf saw me checking out a few.
he randomly asked me:

“you like them bisexual niggas huh?
ones who still fuck females…”

“yeah i do.”

he remembered he had to buy me the shirt he promised me.

“are you sure you can afford it?”

“shut up and lets go.”

when he got to the store,
we went to the section where the shirt was at.
i saw another one i liked as we were walking to the register.
i wanted to trade the one i had for the other.

“get both.”


















giphy*end dream sequence here*

“wait are you sure?”


“okay fine!”

so he bought me two shirts.
both came up to 120.
so as we were walking off,
i said:

“aww work wolf,
thank you so much…”

in which he replied:

“aight jamari,
don’t get all lovey dovey now…”

i don’t know if it was the drinks giving me liquid courage,
but when we were walking to the station,
i said:

“can i tell you something?
i don’t want you to take offense to it tho…”

“what is it?”

“are you sure?”

“if you feel ima take offense then don’t tell me…”

i had this real awkward pause.
i questioned if i should even go with it,
but something inside told me to do it.
then he said:

“just tell me…”

and then i said:

“i liked you when i first met you.
i thought you were really cute,

but i know you are straight so i had to cut all my feelings off…”

i looked at him.
he had a smile on his face.
then he says in a playful way:

“well there is a lot to like over here.”

…and then that was it.

giphy-1that was his response.
i guess i was expecting something else.

“i hope you aren’t offended…”

“nah jamari.
i’m good.
we friends forever.”

i was grateful because that could have gone to hell with someone else.
when we got to the station he gave me dap,
but he held onto my hand and didn’t let go.
he playfully shook it.
he was smiling at me with full eye contact.
i returned the favor.

“you have a good night and a good weekend.
i’ll see you monday.”

“you too.”

i went my way.
he went his.
so thats it.
its all out there.
i do feel more free.
whatever happens next is on him.

lowkey: i’m proud of myself.
a few years ago,
i could never have been this bold with someone i crushed on.
i’m getting more confident.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

41 thoughts on “The Unofficial Confession To Confessing My Feelings To My Crush”

  1. Aww, look at you. I think it was good that you did that. I still hope you don’t get too worked up wondering if he’s ever going to reciprocate, or “try” you. Just keep it cool, my friend.

  2. Damn J. I like him. He gets cooler by the minute. And I like how you said “i cut my feelings off” lol. You tried that.

    I’m sure the relationahip grows. He may just be a new Star Wolf in your life.

      1. You’re a great storyteller…the black, gay Carrie Bradshaw. This exchange reminded me of Carrie and The Russian lol.

  3. He so cocky but not in an arrogant way..its like playfully attractive lol. Im so proud and hype for both of you guys relationship whether its friends forever or maybe more in future. I think you guys are moving at a great pace in general. Well done jamari!

  4. Jamari, Dun-dun-dun! Boy you almost done made me drop my food! Lol,man I can’t with cho scandalous ass you got balls of steel because its not easy for straight people to express their feelings even in a subtle way its not easy but you did it and I’m so happy that you at least got one foot in the door and I’m not saying you are in like Flynn but hey at least it’s out there and that’s all that matters. So tell me something jamari did you moist in that moment? Cause if were me I woulda been real fuckin moist.

  5. Jamari, this was not news to him. He knew this already, even your co-workers knew. The way you questioned him at times he would have been a fool to not have known lol. I’m sort of afraid he might be using you as an ego stroke tho. I didn’t before but now I’m questioning it. I really wish I could see how he reacts for myself.

  6. That’s scary telling a crush how you feel about them,worrying if you will be rejected.I would guess it’s even more daunting confessing a same sex crush.I can’t imagine a platonic friend spending $120 on me.I need to find some new GENEROUS friends because the most I’ve gotten is a $50 gift card for my birthday.

    1. Shit none of my “friends” even remember my birthday but they have their hands out like the Growe sisters from The Proud Family when their birthdays roll around lol

  7. whats up jamari! im glad u had the courage to express your feelings to homeboy! that took balls no pun intended lol! Thats either a low key sign he is feeling you or HE really is a good friend! I saw this on Vine yesterday having a GAy male friend is cool because they get all the Women! lol I hope he doesn’t switch up on you! But it appears he likes you as a Friend! Something more, i dont know???I wish i had the courage u do! wish you both the best! Good Friends are HARD to come by these days!

    1. I think Jamari is playing the game perfectly. This man has not admitted he is gay or bi. Playing these games can actually turn the man OFF if he is straight. This man also works at his job and ha star potential to backfire. The girl games are not needed. The “friend” angle is the best. Every man doesn’t need to be aggressively accomplished. It seems that this is a friendship that could develop into more. The best seductions move at a slower pace and last longer.

  8. Im so glad u did this. I def was on the side for you doing this. Like i said before the truth will always set you free and provide you peace. U also did it at the right time. As long as things are done with tact you will be alright. U did really good by saying u got rid of those feelings even though he probably knows that isnt true he knows that u wont let them get in the way of the friendship. I told you yall are too close to not be able to discuss whatever.

    This is so great because this will lay the ground work for all your questions to be answered. You made your move so if he has one to make its his turn. He may just be str8 and there might not be a move for him to make. Idk i mean he has had every opportunity to take things further but u never know. Either way its a win win, get a fine dude or a great friend. Im happy for you either way.

    Just imagine having waited months and months, u wulda went insane. U know how women do things with their gay friends that is relationship like and semi romantic but purely platonic, idk y men cant. Sometimes u need that interaction on sum level but that is not too heavy. Maybe thats what yall have. Idk but he def seems like a rare find so just enjoy him as he is, no need to still be confused. Im happy for you mon cher.

  9. Regardless of anything else Jamari you put yourself out there and that’s extremely difficult to do. Instead of writing about it and thinking about it you made the moves to resolve your inner torment.
    That is commendable. With this move the feelings you held in for so long are no longer yours they’re aren’t your responsibility any more.

  10. Congratulations to you for putting yourself out like that. It was very brave. Just be on guard and get out and meet other people. I agree with The Man that he may be using you to stroke his ego. The fact you wrote before that he plays women fits that model. But sometimes guys who are bicurious or in fact gay play with a lot of women to prove they are not feeling men. That could be him and he may want to explore his sexuality with you. That being said I would still advise you to protect yourself emotionally. You are a sensitive soul and I really don’t want you to get hurt.

  11. I’m proud of you! It’s like a 95% of a confession because you are trying to cut off your feelings for him. But along with @The Man i do think he already knew in some way.

  12. so he asked if you liked bi curious confused messy niggas who deal with females and you said yes?? Don’t be mad if he continues to fk w you w vixens. THEN you admitted to liking him….got vulnerable and emotional w him. People who don’t have a chance in hell admit they’re feelings to their crush. You had a BIG chance, you had mystery and leverage. that was the emotions making you act up. If you think he’s attractive you should’ve said just that and left it there. Jamari why you keep breaking code? He is getting you caught up textbook style. Being a pretty wolf, giving you attention and mixed signals, nd now he bought you something. HE KNOW he got you wide open..You said himself, HE GETS BORED EASY…..chile stop being a fawn in the woods w your eyes closed and ass in the air. Don’t fall so easy. Have a lil game. Switch it up…Cmon on boo

  13. Go old school this weekend and read the first 2 books in E Lynn Harris trilogy. Speaking your feelings yes …… BUT from an “old kat” it’s not going to end well if the line is crossed.

  14. So glad you were able to a least tell him sort of the truth, now as you said the ball is in his court now. Lets see how he plays.

  15. Jamari you know I have been coming to this blog for 3.5 years now and I actually think this is one of the happiest times of your life other than when you got the job offer to your current job. I know your confused as well but I think work wolf really likes you. This dude buys and pays for things, I’m sure that the lil females he bangs he doesn’t buy them anything, he just sex them and move to the next. I actually think he is BI but never acted on it, and you make him feel comfortable. A true straight man would not do half of things he has done for you. I feel that him telling you about his females is to get you jealous. He knows you wanted him for a long time and I DON’T think he is doing this just for attention or to mess with your head he wants you the same way you want him. This situation is probably new to both of you guys so you’ll are just playing the waiting game with each other. I honestly think you should invite him over to your place when you know your cousin is going to be at work or somewhere else.

  16. YAY!!!! & it’s more than obvious he like u because he would have said something right than! U go baby! Whatever happens next is so on him good or bad u were brave as hell!

    1. Yea the attraction is real plus they held hands. Listen I know str8 boys and touching another man’s hand is forbidden territory for them.

  17. He cares about you a lot… Just know that if you attempt to leave him… He will fight for you… It’s awesome you guys are building on a friendship first… Lowkey, this seems like a dream to me… I love your wolf work posts, especially when I’m in a funk.

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