I Choked On His Penis and Even Let Him Run A Train On Me… and I Still Ain’t Get Chose.

I fucked that nigga again.
It was good, as always.
But, I don’t want to tie him down.
We fucked on the first day we met so why would I tie him down?
So I just keep on fallin for a fat ass.
None of these bottoms make it hard for a nigga.
Too many hoes out here.
– a real admission from a Wolf.


Is he right?
I feel like he is.
There ARE way too many hoes out here.
You can get online and talk to someone with no self worth to fuck.
They think because they met a “trade“,
they need to prove themselves by sucking the skin off his dick and letting him smash raw.
But, how do you prove to these Wolves you are different?
How do you prove you are more than just a meaningless fuck?
Or, because we are gay, we will never be looked at more than that?
I had to ask…

Are we, as Foxes, all just waiting to be chose?

I always hear from people that men are not meant to be tied down.
Any “feelings” we may have come off bitch made,
or my favorite:

That is what Vixens do.

So, if that is the case,
do I just take that dick and STFU?
Are we all here to just fuck each other and grow old alone?
Loose butt cheeks and slimy grimy dicks at 80?
But, Is that the point of dealing with men?
To be a fuck toy and be tossed to the side?
Or, wait an entire decade when he is old and wrinkled (with potential HIV)?
Sounds fun!

As a Fox,
we just want a Wolf to be there.
Get yo know his dumb ass,
cook him a little food,
and then fuck and suck him stupid when he proves he wants you.
Why is it when we want this,
we are being “bitches” and ” this is not how men are“?

Am I a bitch because I want your stupid ass to stick around?
Am I a bitch because I’m genuinely interested in you and want to connect on another level?
Am I a bitch because I deemed you as worthless,
so I just enjoy what you have in your wallet until it runs dry?
Am I a bitch because I want more than to just “fuck“?

I started to wonder about the difference between Vixens and Foxes.
Do we “fuck and suck” on command,
while with Vixens,
you have to actually work for it before you get the pussy?
Are these online sites and clubs rampant with people who just make it easy to skip the mess?
Yet, Vixens you may have to take on a date and get to know over texts and phone calls?
So, it seems if you want a Wolf to take you seriously,
that is the worst crime you can commit.
But, is it Wolves are just not trying to deal with the baggage… from a man?
I mean seriously…
Is love a no-go in this life we live?
Hell, I hear Vixens complaining in the straight world,
so why would I even think it would be different here?

I started to wonder…

Are we just good enough to fuckand that’s it?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on “I Choked On His Penis and Even Let Him Run A Train On Me… and I Still Ain’t Get Chose.”

  1. “Am I a bitch because I want your stupid ass to stick around?
    Am I a bitch because I’m genuinely interested in you and want to connect on another level?”story of my life!

  2. The real issue is most men aren’t comfortable enough with their attraction to men to even consider a serious relationship or even getting to know a dude on a serious level.

    You can have sex with hundreds of men and still not come to terms with your attraction to them. You can pull what I call a “Fuck/Suck and Duck”, basicallydo your thing and leave w/o having to deal with the emotions and feelings afterwards.

    Just like you have men who will fuck you with no strings attached, you have women that will do the same for the right dude.

      1. Maybe it’s one of those things where you may not get what you want, but you get what you need?

        Looking back, I can now say I’m so glad I never pursued a relationship with a dude. I definitely would’ve had him in a mental ward with all my craziness.

  3. Wow that was a heavy ass question!

    I went back and fourth several times in 60 seconds. Lol

    The answer is yes, but that doesn’t mean a relationship could work.

      1. No once you got me its pretty much a wrap, but before that anything you do or say can be held against you.

        There are plenty of attractive guys, but I never came across any that had the qualities I found attractive.

    1. I think the issue isn’t falling in love with a man; but accepting the fact that you’re a man in love with another man — if that makes sense.

      Yeah, it can be done – but I think so many guys are afraid of those feelings that they keep it strictly sex, or run at the first signs of true intimacy.

  4. For starters, WATCH how you carry yourselves Foxes, Hybrids, and even Wolves. How you portray yourself will determine if you are really worth more than just a fuck. To be with me, you don’t have to sleep with me on the first night to get my attention. If you’re attrative dude with a nice personality you already have my attention, so their is not need to be extra, just be yourself. Most people(incuding myself) who come off as conservative(in person) are usually the biggest freaks so being classy and reserved goes a long way. Men love the chase, period. Make him work for you, don’t be easy. I’m a Wolf, and I would make a Fox work to even get my attention in a heartbeat. Yup. LOL. Guys, if you meet a dude and fuck him on the first night, you are already letting him know that you have promiscuous ways, and you have eliminated yourself of actually being in a relationship with him. Don’t get mad at him because he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you; he wants someone who he can trust around his family and friends. If I fucked you on the first night, what in my mind would make me think that you wouldn’t do it to someone else you meet? If I meet a dude at a party and his whispered in my ear that he wanted to me to fuck him, that’s all he will ever be to me is a fuck because that’s trifling and basically just being a hoe, period. The ass will have to have me doing backflips and cartwheels to get me to stay, and I haven’t met one yet that has so…..

    Make the dude wait at least 2 months if you like him. He will respect you for that and most importantly he will trust you. If he chooses to stay around and wait, you have a winner because he’s obviously interested. If he leaves, he wasn’t worth it anyway, and just move on.

  5. No offense to anyone here but, I dont believe in one night stands….Call me a vixen then, because Ive never just fucked a wolf, they’ve always had to work for it… my mom always told me that im something real special and that has stuck with me for the longest to the point where even women have to come at me lol. In my relationships with wolfs they’ve always wanted to be with me, and have a relationship, even if it was on the low… I just feel some of us sell ourselves short because we dont have patience, the right wolf will come. and they’ll come especially when you’re not looking.

    1. ^speak it!
      speak that shit right now!

      ive come to realize over the years,
      i can’t get into one night stands.
      like, we fuck and never speak again.
      i’m not good at that… as much as i tried to be in the past to “fit in”.
      i will admit that.
      i value my body and my health too much.
      to watch a wolf get up and put on his clothes like i am just another added to his list…. doesn’t sit well with me.

    2. What you just said, Keyon, applies to vixens & foxes/hybrids. You saw what Man said & that anonymous Wolf. If you want a relationship, then don’t allow yourself to be d1cked over – literally.

      Granted, it can get really hard & tired when you see these other ones getting d1ck & apparently winning, but it all depends on what you ultimately want – and believe. I think many foxes don’t believe that there are good men out there, so they just get what they can…either that or standards have been so lowered — most likely a combination of both.

      So if you don’t believe it’s possible, go ahead and get yours (safely). But if you do think it’s possible to find the wolf you want, then you better learn to hold out – and get friendly with your right hand/fleshlight/favorite dildo for the time being lol

  6. You know, I get so damn tired of leaving it up to wolves to decide where they want to take a relationship. I am so over this proverbial high horse they put themselves on.

    You’re out here fucking everything that walks and expect all of that to be disregarded when you’re ready to settle down, but you feel okay judging a fox for doing the same thing?

    I don’t have sex. I don’t sleep around. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who could honestly say they’ve had a casual encounter with me. So, it’s not that I’m personally offended by the statement. The mentality just annoys me.

    We spend all day on here talking about what a wolf does or doesn’t want. We give him way too much credit and adjust who we are, how we look, and how we conduct ourselves according to some superficial standard that he himself doesn’t even hold himself to.

    It has ALWAYS boggled my mind how a wolf could have the audacity to say, “Why would I cuff him? He let me hit the first night. They don’t make it hard anymore.” As if the wolf was some imaginary being in the room doing the same shit. Did it ever cross their minds that maybe THEY’RE the easy one?

    A fox saw you from across the room, decided he wanted your dick, spoke some sweet nothings in your ear, fucked you stupid, and left you wondering what happened. How doesn’t that make YOU the ho?

    Then the minute a fox engages in the same shit you’ve been doing for your’s, suddenly you’re the hurt one. “Oh, love ain’t for me. A fox hurt me.” What about the thousands of other foxes you’ve ran through and left hurting before?

    That shit gets on my fucking nerves.

    1. …but way more foxes concern themselves with finding serious relationships than wolves. The foxes that do what you described would probably be labeled hoes by anyone’e standards so who would see that as a loss? Not me.

  7. Damn Random you went in and spoke the “sho-nuff” truth. Amen, so many dudes think because they have a big dick, some money, great body, etc, that you have to prove yourself to get them, because everybody wants them. Everybody has their day and I believe that a wolf just like a fox can become washed up and at that point they take what they can get, I have seen it so many times with both str8 and gay wolves and foxes/vixens. I would encourage anyone no matter what your role is, to not lower your standards on what you want or will accept, because you will be miserable in the end if you do.

  8. Yo this topic made me think of this fb message the person I’m with now sent me after we first met:

    “lol i finally found someone who’s smart. i can’t judge a book by its cover but i would have figured you to be just a average dude and im not saying that in a bad way but just know u seem like a real cool dude….bye 4 real this time lol”

    No need to prove I was different at all. Who would’ve thought a promiscuous asshole like me would make a pretty good bf? Lol

  9. From my experience, Foxes if you give it up on the first night how many other niggas have you gave it up to on the first night…. Straight off theres doubt..In my mind and i could be wrong, give me a chase dont let me smash on the first night, if you leg me smash on the first go round then its exactly that a one night stand….

    But look at where we meet eachother…A4A, which within itself is a sex site…after logging on and if you are honestly looking for someone to connect with, hell after the first page somewhere in our mind of seeing dicks and asses we end up wanting sex and 9 times out of 10 you already seen the guy u meeting offline naked by his many profile pictures, shit u just want to smash ….. Again I could be wrong?

    All im saying Foxes want a Knight in shinning aour, why cant we have our lil dude that we know have self control and not quick to give it up to anybody but me because ive earned it????

    As men i think we all have an idea of what we want, but we are MEN and unless someone is willing to compromise what they want in another man we might just be doomed for loniless …

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