The Straight “Wolf” With The Dressed Up Tail Makes A Big Return

Remember him?

He was featured on WOLF MEAT (74).
I know a lot of my Wolves and Hybrids loved him.
(even my Foxy ass loved him)
Well the stacked Working “Wolf” is back with even more dressed up cakes.
Don’t drool…

…but this here:

I know he is a “Wolf“,
but are we sure this isn’t a dressed up Fox?
That face and the fact he likes his hands is always on his belt
(why is his hand always on his belt?
is he pulling up his pants or something?)
tell the audience:

“See these curves?
If you play nice,
I’ll let you get a sample.”

What do you think?
Is he a Wolf? Hybrid? or a Fox?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

44 thoughts on “The Straight “Wolf” With The Dressed Up Tail Makes A Big Return”

  1. My Gawd I love a man in a nice suit – especially when it fits like this…I’d have a hard time not grabbing that booty – even just ‘accidentally’

    And he’s cute too

  2. Girl, lol that there, is a fox. Oh and why is he wearing a canvas web belt with his business attire in the 1st picture? Never mind, NICE CAKES tho. 😉

  3. One back shot is a coincidence, but if you find that you’re instinctively showing your behind in every pic (a la Kim K. or Beyonce or J. Lo), you may need to come to terms with some things. Lol

    Who in the hell is taking these pics anyway? Lol

    In any event he puts most foxes to shame with MORE ass while being fully dressed. He needs a better barber though. I can’t help it, I noticed. Lol

    1. ^i love that they capture the essence of his tail at the right time.
      I want to grab his ass.
      I may even let him get a quick sample before he joins us in Fox-ville.

  4. That’s a fox.
    Or at the very least, a foxy hybrid.

    Mohawk? Check.
    Questionable style choices? Check.
    Ass shots? Check.

  5. He’s a Hybrid.

    My wood was hard before I even got to the second pic, that’s a shame. LOL. It’s no way I could work around him. My supervisor would have to move me to a different department or something because my work would not get done. He’s so cute, but too bad he’s a homophobe.(according to Que) Oh but when I got through with him he would be a homosexual. I’ll have him waving rainbow flags all day long. LOL.

    1. I could partially understand why he may appear homophobic.

      Could you imagine how much some gay dudes would over step their boundaries when he’s carrying an ass like that?

      This is assuming he’s straight, or simply discreet or D.L.

      1. I would most def. would try something on him. I wouldn’t be a man if I didn’t. I would be rubbing up against him every now and then just to get a feel and to get his reaction.

      2. See, Man, that’s where I disagree. I’ve had openly gay (really queeny) dudes at work hit on me – and other guys – incessantly and it pissed me the fvck off. I straight screamed on this dude for it…after I repeatedly told him to back off and leave me alone. It wasn’t even that I was trying to hide anything, I just wanted to be respected – especially if I told you chill. It took me getting angry for him to finally get it & then we were cool. He still played games with the other dudes, but treated me w/respect.

        I say all that to say that while I would wanna feel on the booty, I wouldn’t cuz that would make me the gay guys I don’t like – and the reason dudes feel justified in hating…cuz we can’t control ourselves and tryna get the azz.

        If I was out at work, I’d likely limit it to some pass about his body & leave it at that.

      3. Damn, Wolfie. I guess if picked on you in person like I do on this blog we probably would be fighting.

  6. He’s a Caribbean brotha’ y’all, that’s why he’s got on the bracelets. A female coworker of ours took those pictures (the indoor ones) as a joke.

    1. ^that “homophobic” issue he is having is usually the first confirm.
      All the “homophobes” I have known or heard about,
      are currently getting banged out (or banging out) at this moment.

      1. Haha, he has so many pictures on Facebook. I gotta sift through em’ sometime to see if there’s any that I missed. But I know he’d be heated if he knew a bunch of niggas was oogling over his ass. SMH

    1. This is a nice pic and all, but I wanna see a pic of him naked. Get to it Que. LOL

  7. How do you guys recommend I put the moves on him, considering he’s a virulent homophobe? The fact that he only fucks with white women leads me to believe there’s a slight possibility he might fuck around. From my experience, brothas’ who beard with Beckies almost always love the dick lol. He invited a few of us to his 4th of July party thing, but I don’t think I’ma go. Those cakes already got me hypnotized, I don’t wanna be trippin’ over shit lol

    1. I would go. It’s a casual environment, his guard is down, and he already likes you enough to invite you out. Plus he’ll be drinking lol

      Get a man drunk enough, and it’ll all come out — especially if you stay to help him clean up, or some other thing where y’all might be alone. But be careful cuz dudes like that would blow up your spot out of fear of being exposed…unless you have pictures 😉

      1. Smh he doesn’t drink though. He’s a real straight edge dude that’s into his body and working out, he barely even goes out to clubs I think. But maybe I can sneak a lil’ liq in him haha. My tongue will touch that booty hole before summer’s over. That’s my mission

      2. Since he invited you, I’d go – if only to see how he acts in a relaxed environment. You may see a different side away from work. Some of my best lays have been island boys, so good luck! 🙂

        But let him make the move, just read the signs – he’s probably like a rabbit you don’t wanna scare away with any sudden movements lolol

      3. Liquor and repression is a bad combination.

        Still got the scars and the receipts.

        Just saying.

        Hope you know karate or crazy, Que.

        Stop and think about it.

        Never trust a big butt and a smile. Poison.

  8. Yessir, those island boys are freaks but be some serious hot heads. We have little “hi” and “bye” conversations but I don’t know him well enough to chill with him alone at his crib. And like I said, he’s gonna be a gang of people there so chances of something popping off is slim. I been wanting to Facebook IM him for the longest when I see him online, but I be so pussy lol. Ugghh it’s just frustrating cause I wanna make my move but he’s hard to read.

    Lol @ “never trust a big butt and a smile.” Don’t I know it

    1. ^well,
      does he chill with more Wolves?
      Is he masc or feminine?

      Are you low key?
      Are you popular within the workplace?

      Reason I ask about you, is if you are popular, you can take charge at the cookout and show your personality. Talk to us….

      But iCeed is right.
      Do NOT shit were you eat.
      So work on him until you don’t work there anymore.
      … then, fuck him until he sees every star in the sky.

      1. He’s conventionally masculine, but not “hood” or anything. He has that slight island accent when he pronounces certain words which is sexy as fuck lol. I’m pretty discrete, so I keep to myself at work. I’m not shy or anything, but I’m not a super talkative person either. If I get him one on one, I’ll be good at talking his head off lol.

        1. ^good.
          you are perfectly “safe”.
          no one would suspect you are beating his brains out.
          get to know him on a “associate” level and put the lust crush out your head.
          this is still your work colleague and it can get messy especially for wolves and foxes.
          next thing,
          one of you catch feelings and shit is a wrap for your reputations.

    2. Well, I’m not saying seduce him (at least not right now lol), but you can’t do anything if you’re not friendly. He invited you for a reason, so what’s the harm in going & chilling for a minute. Then you can send him a FB IM thanking him for the invite after…

      1. In one of your earlier posts you said you’d grab his butt. Maybe a harmless tap on the booty will set my master plan in motion? Lol

    3. If dude is a homophobe and a hot head, you better just go to the event and be friendly towards him and you will find out what’s up. Be careful though, if he does get down, his homophobic behavior may cause trouble.

      1. Weeeell, he’s not violently homophobic where he says shit about killing gays, but I’ve heard him say (in passing) he believes gay people are wrong. I think for religious reasons. Could be some underlying self hate type shit going on with him, but who knows.

  9. Hmmm am really digging these comments it get me so hype knowing other men analyze these maybe gays like i do I’m young 22 but i think u wont really hava lot of chances to not blow ya cover whn it come to him cause he seem like the type tht will kno what u doin the moment he catch u even slightly glancing at the cakes i could say a lot more but….that’s just my observation

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