billy eichner blames the homophobic bros for not watching bros

i just figured out who billy eichner is!

He is that loud host on his Youtube show,
Billy on The Street

i was looking up mariah videos and came across him.
he was kinda…
but i realized he is the main star in “bros”.
billy thinks homophobia is the reason the movie bombed.
he tweeted this from his feelings…

so i’m confused

Did Billy really think the straights were gonna see this movie?

some of the gays,
especially on the foxhole,
didn’t even wanna see it.
j. lo‘s romantic comedy,
marry me“,
made 7.95 million on opening night.
i don’t think white romantic comedies are “in” right now.
i know he is in his feelings,
and i get it cause artists are sensitive about their shit,

but he needs to blame his white gays for not coming out to support him.


i still think he should have gone the streaming route.
i think most of his targeted audience would have watched.

12 thoughts on “billy eichner blames the homophobic bros for not watching bros

  1. Billy Eichner’s look itself it so unappealing to me. He is trying too hard to be that sexy, macho, hot, steamy white guy that appeals to everyone and it just doesn’t work. He is not hot despite all the effort and money he has put into it. The men in the film (based on the previews because I ain’t watching that ish) are also trying too hard. Billy is trying to put this image out there of the incredibly sexy, fit, “normal” but better than most people, gay white male (ala HRC). Yet every time the news stations visit a Pride event or interviews gays, they aren’t interviewing guys that fit this image. It’s almost similar to how they do us as Black people. Why? To do otherwise would imply that all white men fit the white gay male image, and white male supremacy is not about to allow that to happen.

  2. Just like his white ass didn’t go see The Best Man 2 (or whatever it was called) because white ppl don’t care to pay to see other ppl do what they can alrdy do themselves, straight ppl ain’t checking for going to see gays rom-com it. He should’ve put the shit on Amazon and been done with it.

  3. The celebration really is just putting the movie out and trusting that it’ll reach the correct people. Never know maybe it’ll be a cult classic in 10 years.

  4. So I was able to snag free early screening tix for this earlier last month. It’s actually a pretty good “white comedy”.This is where I think the problem lies. I think gay black people were smart enough to see that even with the strategic placement of TS and Miss Lawrence, the movie wouldn’t relate to them. It definitely didn’t relate to myself or my partner. The straights just weren’t interested in spending them coins and as for the white gays… I think Mr Eichner tricked himself into believing that he had more star power pull than he actually does. I100% agree this would have soared on streaming bc it’s good, just not good enough given the current theater climate.

  5. Lemme find out he thought he had a “Moonlight” on his hands. How laughable. The trailer made it look cute but extremely vanilla…if you get my meaning.

  6. I only wanted to see it for ts Madison tbh and even that’s not a strong pull. Ill watch it on streaming but im not 100% excited for it. I do think he’s trying to give that gay story for straight people set up & again im not interested in it.

  7. Someone should remind Billy that Brokeback Mountain was a gay romantic drama, that had sex in it, and it did substantially well. The problem isn’t that people are homophobic, the problem is people just didn’t want to see his movie. I like Billy and even I didn’t want to see it. Never found him funny and I’m not going to see a movie just because everyone who’s in it is gay.

    Also, he’s the same one who said he didn’t want conservatives or Trump voters to see his movie because it’s not for them. Even LGBTQ conservatives/ Trump voters because he considers them traitors. So he brought this on himself.

    1. True, though Brokeback Mountain was about closeted gay men in their youth moving forward in time, and Bros is about out gay men who are in their late 30s and 40s. Brokeback Mountain also was kind of a tragic drama, while Bros is a romantic comedy. There’s a huge difference in terms of the stories they’re telling. That said, Brokeback Mountain was a better, more engaging film. Billy Eichner, who comes off like a gay Woody Allen, is not the person to lead a rom-com in 2022, or at least one that’s going to draw a wide audience. If it were truly hilarious, though, I bet it would have drawn more people.

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