kanye west is white lives matter and black folks are yeezy boosts matter

ya know,
i started listening to kanye’s music again because i wanted to.
he was on a full banishment since his maga stint but i do like his music.
at this point,
i don’t know if he is a villain or an anti-hero.
like when he wore the maga hat,
i guess he is showing us what side he is really on this year via clothing.
this is what he wore at his fashion show in paris per tmz…

how does one even defend this?

Black folks won’t.

we love our yeezy boosts and foam runners.
his clothing and kicks are a staple in black (and white) culture atm.
this might be a “nothing to see here” tbh.
most black folks will flip out and/or make funny tweets/memes.
this will be the conversation starter for the first week in october.
by next week,
we will move on to the next scandal.

I think we have accepted Kanye’s antics and have chosen to turn the other cheek.

if he survived being a trump stan then he will survive this.

article source: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “kanye west is white lives matter and black folks are yeezy boosts matter”

  1. Kanye will find a way to disappoint every time and his fanbase will stick beside him no matter what. We are going to be dealing with him for a long damn time I’m afraid. I miss the old him, but maybe this is really who he has been all along.

    1. He’s a straight black man w money: he can’t do anything wrong in black ppls eyes. Hell, he even has ppl wearing his ugly ass clothes and shoes simply because of who he is. He’s fukn pathetic, but w blk ppls standards being sooo low, he’d have to stab half of blk America’s moms for them to hold him accountable. I’m forever good on him. There is no Diane Sawyer sit down that could ever absolve him from his coonery in my eyes.

  2. This is the same Man who “blamed Black Slavery on the lack of action of the Enslaved Blacks”.

    He Dates /Marries White/ Lite Women .( none look like his mother )

    He hugged Donald Trump and attempted to help him get elected.( The man who called African countries “Shit holes)

    It’s obvious he is not happy being Black or no longer identifies with our experience and well being. I refuse to support him in any way or form.

    1. Kanye West is an Uncle Tom! and he’s with Candice Owens, a female Uncle Tom. Remember: It pays well to be the black face of white supremacy. Ask Candice Owens. Ask Kanye West.

  3. His “fashion” and music are not good enough to deal with this gremlin. His face and voice literally turn my stomach.

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