i BELIEVE in you and me

i came to a conclusion while listening to “i believe in you and me” by whitney.
the whole song is like the affirmations for a long-lost love.


she “believed” that they will return.
it was that word:


that word gave me my “a-ha moment“…

I have always “hoped” for things to work out.
I “hoped” he would be interested in me back.
I “hoped” i wouldn’t get fired from my past jobs.

i never believed those things would swing in my favor tbh.
i always had doubt in the back of my mind.
when i was thinking back,
i was always a hoping and a wishing.

I never believed things would work out.
I never believed I was the type he would want me back.
I never believed that I was a good worker and if I lost my job, I’d fine another.

“hope” sounds like the uno reverse card to begging.
when i “hoped” something works out,
it was probably not gonna work out.
when i believed something is for me,
it always came to fruition.
i let it go and it would come to me.

I’m gonna erase HOPE out of my vocabulary.

it’s a really pessimistic word tbh.
believing something is much more powerful and is set in stone.

I believe I’m gonna have a good day and if things go left,
I believe that I’ll be good.
I’m always good.
I get some setbacks but I always believed God/The Universe got me.

I believe he is into me.
He is giving signs that he is and the vibes are leading me to believe so.
I believe we are gonna connect and if it doesn’t happen now,
it will happen in the future.
I’m gonna go about my business but I believe this dude is trying to get at me.

words are spells and thats why it’s called spelling.
it feels like a good time to cast new spells.

lowkey: everyone who has “made it” believed they would.
they didn’t hope it would happen.
they knew if they worked hard and believed in themselves,
they would make it to higher heights and be connected to the right people.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “i BELIEVE in you and me”

  1. My all time favorite Whitney song! I want this played at my wedding after they announce us Mr & Mr. and we turn to walk up the aisle.

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