ya’ll ain’t supporting your bros?

i know all ya’ll back outside.
the social media posts are a clear indication.
movie theaters are starting to get packed again.
the movie,
came out over the weekend:

and ya’ll clearly have it on ignore because…

“Bros,” billed as an all gay comedy, is a box office disaster.

Total receipts for Thursday and Friday came to just $1.84 million. With another $2.5 million coming on Saturday and Sunday, “Bros” stands to make less than $5 million for its entire opening weekend.

Bros” doesn’t have a huge budget — $25 million at most. But the movie has had a tremendous amount of publicity and marketing, a blanketing that most films would give their popcorn up for. This just means that the public at large had no interest in seeing not only a gay rom com, but one with graphic sex scenes.

i’m absoluetly shocked the white gays didn’t rush to see it.
i’ll be 1000%:

I didn’t even know this was a thing.

what tremendous amounts of publicity and marketing?
was it from casper the friendly ghost public relations cause…?
i’m willing to check it out when it hits a streaming service.
they should have put it on amazon prime as they did with fire island.
the love interest,
luke macfarlane,
is my type of white gay.

…cause i was sold off of seeing him.

article source cc: showbiz 411

32 thoughts on “ya’ll ain’t supporting your bros?

  1. It wasn’t worth watching, we seen that shit before, it was a shitty attempt to get people to see a movie. Do some PValley type shit where its drama around it, then you got a movie. Gay comedy is not it

  2. I was on this site called The Datalounge and most of the comments are blaming it on Billy playing the lead.They are saying he’s loud,annoying,irritating,unrelatable,etc.I think this may be his first major acting gig so people are judging him on that “man on the street” thing he does.

    Also some people said it should have opened in select cities first,gained some word of mouth support and then maybe opened wide.

    1. That’s how it’s usually done. What I don’t understand is in this toxic climate the country is in, why would they think this type of movie would have a broad audience appeal?



    “Philadelphia” 1993 [Tom Hanks , Denzel Washington ]
    “Too Wong Foo ” 1995 [Wesley Snipes, Patrick Swayze, John Leguizamo ]
    “Brokeback Mountain ” 2005 [ Heath Ledger , Jake Gyllenhaal ]

    ——-Straight people are fascinated with the “Gay Mystic” of someone being gay
    ——Gay people are conditioned and spoiled for Fuck Films only !

  4. Sooooo, I have a question: can anyone express in one sentence the gay movie that would index across broad audiences that DOES NOT center suffering or struggle? I’m curious…

      1. B-boy blues was not bad. I’m looking forward to the black gay movie based on the late E. Lynn Harris’ book.

  5. I mean…straight men aren’t gonna be drawn to it. Straight women aren’t gonna relate to it. Lesbians aren’t interested. Black gay men aren’t feeling it. Kids are out of the question. so all in all the numbers kinda reflect and match up with who I would expect to go see this; White gay men & honestly The amount it brought in is pretty good for the small target audience this movie has

  6. I do not want to see some white, unseasoned gay rom com. Probably will be like Will and Grace mixed with Queer As Folk. Enough with the white gay stuff. Let me know when the black rom com hits and I will be there.

      1. Ummm…how long ago were those on the air? I have seen both of those, thus I am far from late. So, again, when there is a black gay rom com that hits (in the theater)….I will be there.👍🏾

  7. “A gay rom com? Groundbreaking!” (in Miranda Priestly voice). I think this movie is kind of a been there; done that thing. I can agree that luke macfarlane is definitely my kind of man too.

  8. Bros was promoted heavily during Pride month, but that was June and now it’s October. They should have known the gays have short attention spans!

      1. Jamari, I was just having this discussion with a friend. I, too, was surprised at the low opening as I thought the white gays would make a statement. I saw the film and it wasn’t as funny as I had hoped. I actually liked Fire Island better. Luke McFarlane is nice but Billy Eichner wasn’t believable as a romantic lead IMO.

        1. I liked both Fire Island and B-Boy Blues better. This was like one big rom-com cliche and Billy Eichner being the lead didn’t help.

  9. I’ve seen some promo for it. Didn’t know it was a gay movie until I heard the ad on the radio at work. It just seems so bland and cringe that I’m not surprised.

  10. I’m actually in the theater now waiting for this to start. Lol It hasn’t really been promoted well that i have seen

  11. I’ve seen the advertisement but…where’s the flavor? White (gay) men are just so boring to me. No tea no shade.

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