zaya wade will be edited on social media going forward

zaya wade is stunning.
she is growing into being a beautiful trans vixen.
at 13 in 2020,
she came out as trans.
that is a big step to share with the world,
especially at such a young age.
after posting this video the other day:


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it got a ton of hateful comments.
dwyane wade said they will not be allowing hate in her comments…


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…which is a big “duh” to me.
i mean,
she is 15.
some of us remember what it was like to be 15.
15 and trying to find ourselves.
for the assignment she has taken on in life,
she is going to be a target for a lot of hate.
there are adults who can’t even handle it.

Zaya should have two Instagrams like most celebs have.

one should be run by PR; the other for family and friends.
i think she is way too young for all this exposure.
that girl is dealing with being a teenager and “the role model” for others.
when your parentals become honorary “stage parents” tho…

lowkey: some of the foxholers are millenials
imagine if we had social media growing like how it is now.
you aren’t getting bullied by just people in your school.
you are being bullied by everyone around the country/world.
i think it would have broken many of us.

3 thoughts on “zaya wade will be edited on social media going forward

  1. She looks beautiful and she is so blessed to have a loving,supportive village around her.When I see post on her I make it point to post supportive comments and always include a heart.I also include a hashtag about more love less hate.I don’t read the other comments or reply to them.

  2. I do appreciate how her family is keeping her covered but there is a part of me that feels this evolution should be guarded during her precious teen years. Daddy Wade still gets all the points for how he protects her.

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