The IG Wolf With The Stylish Arms and Back


you just never know where jamari fox will be.
i was at an industry event the other day,
minding my business,
and a wolf i’ve written about walked in.
now i wouldn’t go as far as to call this wolf an “attentionisto”,
but his friend he hanngs tough with is.
now he was with two wolves.
one was shorter,
caramel complected,
with what appeared to be a curly mohawk.
the other was taller,
and with a low fade.
the wolf i wrote about was the finest in that wolf pack.
this is him…

shane styles.
( x see his entry here )
i was looking for chadoy leon to follow,
but he was a no show.

i actually saw shane from the back.
his arms and back in that tight black hoody>>>>
i was wondering who the fuck was this with this bawdy?!
all the vixens,
including the one i went with,
were wondering who he was too.
you could literally see the definition of his back.


when he turned around,
he had a baseball cap on,
but i immediately recognized where i knew him from.
he looks much better facially than he does in his pictures.
one thing,
he is also a little darker than his pictures as well.
he had on work out clothes,
but he still looked good.
bk brandon will always top the finest ig wolves in person,
but shane is coming in at a close second.
i couldn’t sneak pictures in the setting we were in,
but he definitely deserved a post.

What IG Wolf/Attentionisto will I see next?

stay tuned…


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “The IG Wolf With The Stylish Arms and Back”

  1. Love it when you’re get to go to these types of events , it won’t be long till IJF is doing these types of things full time 👍🏾

  2. if I valued men like I do jewelry he would be considered a fucking national treasure next to the hope diamond, I swear God be on some shit when he makes a man anyone and everyone would want, but can’t have…. This just isn’t fair.

  3. i remember him…LORD GOD was having a field day when whe made this man. GOD was like ‘I know I’m the shit so let me rub it in real quick” lol

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