is tanksnlove trying to become the new straight “gay for pay” power fox fantasy?

this is when he looked alive.
ya know
ever since this drama went down with tanksnlove,
i randomly found myself looking at his old pictures for this entry.
you can tell when he was at his happiest because his smile matched his eyes.

i never understood what that meant,
but i get it now.
malik went easy on tank,
but it seems with pornstar,

tanks don’t look like ^that these days so they need a pic update.
for his sake,
i hope this comes out better than his efforts with malik.
i’m not expecting greatness tho.
if this comes off like rape,
ima needs this new career path to end.

the forests have been talking about tank and his scene.
one of the foxholers sent a conversation on twitter between porn stars,
chino blac and khi lavene.
i found it rather interesting:

i feel like:

When a male who has been THE WOLF decides to bottom in a scene,
it comes off as an emasculating scene rather than an empowering one.

take the scene when castro decided to be the fox.
they literally fucked all his masculinity (and career) up out of him.
he was muttering in two scenes like an injured cat.
( x see castro on the bottom )

it’s never sexy and legit turns folks off.
this is just reality.

the issue to me:


if everyone involved was comfortable,
this wouldn’t have been a conversation.
it was a whole 10+ minutes of trying to top someone who was unwilling.
i could understand if it came off as passionate as this infamous scene:

x see it here
x another here

…BUTTTTTTTTT it didn’t.
those two were in a whole relationship so that led to that intense energy.
it was like tank and malik decided that day to do the scene while high af.
not only that…

Tank has been lowkey nasty while defending his “straightness” on numerous occasions

if he never did that,
there would be no conversation.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

38 thoughts on “is tanksnlove trying to become the new straight “gay for pay” power fox fantasy?”

  1. I’m going to put it like this NO STRAIGHT MAN IS OPENING HIS HOLE FOR ANOTHER MAN! You are NOT “gay for pay” at that point, you’re either gay or bi…

    Same thing goes for these “woke” LGBTQ activists who claim straight Identifying men who have sexual relations with pre-op tranny’s are still straight, NO they’re either gay or bi!

    1. Your viewpoint on sexuality is archaic and based on heteronormative values and society’s own limited vocabulary involving it. What makes us gay men isn’t the ability to have sex with men, it’s our ability & desire to have a romantic, loving relationship with them. This is where language fails us because we’re asking the words heterosexual and homosexual to do double duty- to describe who we fuck and who we love. When you separate the two, (this is off the top of my head) homo-emotional and homo-sexual would be better ways to describe ourselves which leaves room for the VERY REAL SETUP of hetero-emotional but bisexual (speaking of gay4pay men).

  2. Yeah it’s a case of poorly executed gay for pay… the least he could do was ACT like he enjoyed it… the whole thing is odd and doesn’t seem worth the coins (a common trend with Malik’s vids)… NOW if he gets K. Burgundy… shitttttttttttttttttttt hands over wallet

    1. Stuff is not as black & white as people want to paint it. It’s also not as middle of the road as some people claim it is either. Us as gay, bi or other men have a chance to carve up our own lane and not follow the silliness that is heteronormatize behavior. I understand these are our models but just because something is the standard doesn’t mean you have to take it. We can customize. Also we need to stop playing into the narrative that if a man takes dick he is weak or effeminate!! If we are going to look at it like that we have to look at the societal reality of any man that is sexing another man. Gay men especially us black ones are so Gotdamn judgmental!

      1. Im just trying to figure out where you got any of that from my comment? All I said was it was poorly executed. Which it was. Nothing about stereotypes. Effeminate characteristics. Heteronormatives. None of that. There wasn’t even an implication of any of that in what I said. Please don’t project that on me. Thanks.

  3. This is the talk of the town, everyone invested so much into the “straight”. The demise of his faux “trade” image is vanishing quickly all for the sake of the dollar (he makes great $$ on onlyfans but I think it’s the addiction bts). I hope “lamont” doesn’t go too far in order to keep his “I’m not gay” guessing game going (it’s interesting and keeps people talking). It’s been a drain seeing the think pieces all day on Twitter of him “using the gays for money” but in all honesty what did y’all think? Realistically let’s just be honest…ALL these onlyfans males know the core audience they have is gay men dying to see them naked not women, and they know exactly what y’all like.
    Years from now I wonder how all these “GOWRLZ” are gonna look. I mean it took tanksnlove a year for his looks to… well… you know.

  4. You know what he reminds me of, remember that white guy who I think you featured once… he was literally gay for pay and continued doing the most extremes until there was no longer anything left and everyone went in to the next best thing. He almost committed suicide because there was nothing left and once you do things like this it lives forever and you cannot start over. He found it difficult to find work and all that because of these choices. He had that same dead look that Tanks has. Hopefully this doesn’t turn into the same outcome.

    1. ^ !!!!!!!!!!!!!
      this is why you gotta be careful what you give your energy.
      this is why i don’t argue about certain things.
      these random onlyfans are gonna come back to bite a majority of folks.
      all those who bigged them up are gonna turn on them.

      has anyone noticed all the attentionistos are doing soooo much these days to stay relevant?

      1. You have to because we are a society of mass consumption which will get stake in 1 min. 15 minutes of fame doesn’t even seem to exist anymore unless you continue to top yourself. Just look at the extremes of porn that people consume. There are people who are realizing they’ve become desensitized to normal sex because you start watching more graphic content.

        Honestly these are all porn stars in my eyes at this point and it’s hard even for them to stay relevant

    1. ^he didn’t have support and encouragement for me when he got on a radio show last year and said:

      “i don’t like jamari fox or that blog”

      …and pornstar mustang cosigned.
      i showed him love and that was the thanks i got for bigging up his onlyfans.
      nah homie.

      1. He was wrong for saying that, but it could have been the drugs or mental health. I just hope he gets the help that he needs and congratulations on your continued success. Insidejamarifox has been around for more than 10 years and still people are supporting you, and I hope everything you hope for comes your way.

        1. ^aww thank you dee.
          i appreciate the kind words and compliment.
          so much love for those who have continued with me on this journey of mine.
          i wouldn’t be here without the support.

    2. Oh so you one of those “pick me” gays 🙄 The dude just bashed the entire gay community after doing a gay act but you want us to coddle him.

      I’m not reaching out to a MF SOUL!!! Tank made his bed now he gotta LIE IN IT!!

      1. Kevin,

        Tank did not bash the entire gay community, he just didn’t want certain type of pics sent to him, which he has that right. (just because a person engages in sexual acts, does not mean we don’t have to respect the individual)

  5. Castro getting dug out was by far his sexiest shit to me 😍 The body was nice and tight too. He got bitched out yea, but by sexy niggas and he didn’t look rundown like Tank does. I get how a dude bottoms fantasize getting up inside them and then turning around and seeing the nigga get dug out is a turn off tho. Doesn’t surprise me Tank is bottoming again. The amount of content with something up his ass compared to fucking prolly 2 to 1. He been getting piped off cam and is now showing it. His problem is the drug addiction. A lot of his base only now “concerned” because they hate seeing him bottom like you mentioned with Castro but he been dealing with that a while now.

        1. Yes, we need another Take Em Down with Tiger topping Fame, Khi Lavene, Hayden Moteleone, Andre Marhold and K Burgundy.


  6. Gay for pay is the only way most people can make it. It’s sad that they allow themselves to not really except the fact that they are gay. Be happy and enjoy life. Bisexuality is something that a lot of guys are into. I enjoyed having sex with men who had women. I only had to deal with them when they wanted sex. I have driven several wild as fuck!!!

  7. they all have a shelf life of no more than 2 yrs or less. what’s hot today will be cold in 2yrs or less unless they get their twitter following over 100k and are constantly bringing in new faces. this is what rhyheim does and how he stays relevant. diego barros has over 700k follows. bottom line there are new faces every day on twitter with dna (dick n body) ,making fan accounts. ask yourself what happened to Heat and some other of the hot guys from years ago. they have been relegated to supporting roles. time is not kind to twitter stars and fan stars

    1. You not weird its a diff kind of rush. Seeing the expected hyper submissive bottom getting fucked all the time can get boring. Can extend to rl too. Some dudes get off way more on the challenge of breaking in niggas no one would suspect would to take dick.

  8. I’d have agrred with you on the emasculating part of i hadnt seen Knight’s latest OF video. Bruuuhh, that’s how you show you a true verse king.

    With Tank, I think the problem isn’t him bottoming
    Heck we saw him use dildos. It’s the dude he bottoming for and the clumsiness of the whole scene. It just wasn’t hot

  9. IDK, I think he might be straight. He does NOT look like he enjoys these scenes. No chemistry at all. He must be desperate for the money.

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