karen and her poodle pull up to your crib with the taser (what chu doing?)

when you live in the hood all your life,
you often desire to buy a house and move to the suburbs.
that was always one of my dreams.
i was told by many black folks just how awful living in the suburbs can be.
you learn just how racist white jackals can be to their black neighbors.
the following video is of another karen gone wild.
she is accusing her black neighbors of their pitbull harassing her poodle.
thank God for homes with cameras on them because…


I would have told that crypt bitch to move her munchkin ass off my property.
If that taser so much of hit me or one of my family members,
I would have owned her and the generations that followed.

she clearly was doing a lot of afternoon drinking.
suing her drunk ass would get her into rehabilitation real quick.
if the others in the neighborhood want it,
we can rumble in court too.

how disgusting is this?
the sad part is it’s only gonna get worse.

lowkey: the “you are black in a white neighborhood” was it for me.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “karen and her poodle pull up to your crib with the taser (what chu doing?)”

  1. First off, looking through my peephole and I see that taser, I’m coming to the door with some Mace, Pepper Spray and a gun that’s certified or bringing my pit that she so seems to have a problem with to the door. To play their game, I wouldn’t open the door at all and just call the people on her and say she has a weapon standing at my door and I don’t feel safe. You have to play their game. I don’t have to open my door.

  2. I can show her that she is white with a black neighbor. Poodle or not, don’t step foot on my property without calling first.

  3. She only brave because she that taser, because she knew her old white ass would have gotten her ass handed to her.

  4. I don’t understand why we keep arguing with them if we ignore them and just close the door in their faces all of this could have been avoided.my honest opinion.

  5. I’m not opening the door. Calling the police to get you off my property. Cuz if I do open it, I’m taking a hose to your ass. I’m not the one.

  6. See, these are neighbors I can live with. You got all this money and you can’t look on your video doorbell to see who is standing on your front porch? What are you opening the door for? If I open my door my dog is with me. If she taze my dog, I’m punting her poodle. Then I’m pressing charges for assault, suing for mental stress, all of that. That’s why I put no soliciting on my door. That’s your legal warning to fuck off

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