The IG Wolf With The Stylish Arms and Back


you just never know where jamari fox will be.
i was at an industry event the other day,
minding my business,
and a wolf i’ve written about walked in.
now i wouldn’t go as far as to call this wolf an “attentionisto”,
but his friend he hanngs tough with is.
now he was with two wolves.
one was shorter,
caramel complected,
with what appeared to be a curly mohawk.
the other was taller,
and with a low fade.
the wolf i wrote about was the finest in that wolf pack.
this is him…
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“X” Marks The Spot: The Bonus Materials

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 11.28.10 PMwhat a coinky dink,
i like where that “x” is as well.
so these are some other shots from baller wolf dez bryant’s ( x recent video shoot ).
they gave me the strength to move on…
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X Marks The Spot: Ho, Ho, Ho.

One thing that keeps me happy after Thanksgiving, besides leftovers, is the contagious holiday spirit.

But, it seems like someone’s boyfriend has also rung in the spirit by trying to use his mistletoe EARLY. Playing the role of “Santa Dawgs” so the sexy na├»ve bottom boys will sit on his…. lap.

Didn’t he JUST move in and already acting up?

Ho, ho, muthafuckin’ ho.

Appears to look like that stray dog really does needs a leash. The only thing he will be reviecing in his stocking this year is coal…. and condoms.

Later Foxes

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