Janet Jackson Is Sending Ya’ll A Message About This Tour

i think you guys can forget about that tour.
janet jackson is not only barefoot and pregnant,
but she is also now in full muslim housewife mode.
she was spotted in london with the hubby,
wissam al manna,
holding hands and looking…
muslim and pregnant

pictures courtesy xposurephotos.com

she looks good!
good and happy!
i have a feeling that last album was her last.
her tour was basically her dancers doing all the work.
i think an exit from hollywood is not to far behind.
can you really see her acting with this new role she is playing?
if this is the end,
she will always be a legend and an icon in my book.
she paved the way for the vixens of today.
rawi hope she has a safe delivery of her new cub.

lowkey: it’s better for her to bow out gracefully than be this…


no one wants to be this.

pictures credited to owners: mirror | xposurephotos.com

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Janet Jackson Is Sending Ya’ll A Message About This Tour”

  1. What i can tell you about her clothes is that in some rich muslim familly, even if normally women don’t where hijab niqab or burqa khimar chador etc., when they’re pregnant or fasting they do for that period and then back to normal. I mean i’m not saying everybody does that, i’m just speaking from my personl experience.

  2. I believe Janet will resume her tour in late 2017.She has been married since 2012. IF she is a Muslim she was a Muslim when she was touring earlier this year,so nothing has changed.She will continue to be covered up like she was during the tour.
    This picture was posted yesterday and several Muslim women said she is not wearing a hijab.One lady claims she is wearing a Yohji Yamamoto Poncho Sweater.IDK.I believe she would have cancelled the tour and not postponed it IF she had no plans to resume the tour.

    1. Agree YC! Janet doesn’t shit on her fans like that. I believe she will finish the tour out once she has the baby, god willing.

  3. Fuck Janet and the Jackson family….

    You are right, she paved the way for vixens to do anything for money and fame and to go see a doctor to play God and not work on building enough esteem within themselves or appreciate who they are. As I said before, FUCK JANET AND THE JACKSON FAMILY…

  4. I’m 50/50 with the idea of Janet coming back or was last year, her last year of releasing an album and touring. Allegedly she converted when she married her husband back in 2013. That tour outfit she wore on her tour was a mess, of course I respect her and her right to dress like she wants, but Janet went from sex kitten to this lady covered up on stage showing no skin. People are use to her being a sex symbol, showing her curves and that flat stomach, not a lady that’s fully clothed. Janet is a living legend that definitely paved the way for a lot of young women. Even though I would love for her to still perform since she is so iconic. I just think her time has come to an end unfortunately. Hopefully she continues to enjoy the rest of her pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby.

  5. It’s possible that she may make up the dates that were canceled for the Unbreakable tour, and then call it quits. I too think that she will give up her music and acting…until she divorces him, then she might make an attempt at a comeback.
    Side-note…he got some big ass feet!!

    1. ^she is like 50!
      i think movies will be her best bet!
      Janet use to dance hard!
      the backup dancers do all her dancing now.

      im confused how madonna is still moving with no issues.

      1. LOL. I don’t think she was dancing hard this go around because she knew she was pregnant.
        Janet has been known to get herself into shape for her tours and upcoming projects. I could see her doing it for a “farewell” tour of sorts.
        Madonna can move because she does yoga, jogging, and all other exercises. Have you seen her arms?!! She’s like Linda Hamilton in T2! LOL

  6. I love you Jamari for that Madonna hit. I was thinking the same thing. But, I also was thinking that she will continue her tour and continue to do movies. And in my opinion, I know that this is far fetched, but I feel if she does continue she will just as big or bigger than her brother MIke. OK, OK, OK, that is enough with the calling me crazy, 😉

    1. ^lol

      janet is at an age where i feel she wants to relax.
      i think she is truly done with hollywood.
      she has converted to her life and she can’t do what she use to do as before.
      i think this is it.

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