starlin physique might be “bagsexual” in his latest pipe leakage?

*the following entry is rated xxx
viewer discretion is strongly advised

i’m not shocked anymore.
i guess you can font that i’ve gotten desensitized.
unless it’s crime based,
males being revealed as bisexual doesn’t shock me.
it does turn me on tho.
starlin physique from ig is someone i’ve posted on the ig foxhole quite a few times.
i loved the whole arms and chest situation of it all.
well it seems that he might be “bagsexual“,
which might end up being a new foxhole term.
so check this alleged video out…

that turned me on.
i won’t lie to you.

this is starlin with an alleged vixen:

i was told that allegedly the head giver paid starlin to make the video.
starlin took down his ig so i guess being uploaded wasn’t part of the bargain?
i mean,
i always thought starlin was straight but we can add him to the list:

*Bagsexual (n) a male who will do sexual things with other males for money/status/vip access.
often times,
these males claim to be straight,
but will turn the other cheek for the bag.

the economy sucks,
jobs are wack,
and patience is getting thin.
you gotta get money somewhere.
sex is one thing that makes a ton of money.
it made me wonder tho:

I guess most of the sexy dick on IG is for sale?

low-key: he has a ( x nice bawdy ).

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

28 thoughts on “starlin physique might be “bagsexual” in his latest pipe leakage?”

  1. Bag sexual, Gay for Pay, Trades, Bi Sexual call them what you will its all the same thing- they fuck with their own sex, period. He ain’t the first neither the last. Why did he take down his IG? didn’t he know the guy was going to post it on his OnlyFans ..DWL….these guys kill me.

  2. Def always thought he was bi since he posted that vid of him at the gym shower getting turned on with a dude in the shower in the background jackin off while watching him. That and he shows that hole off a lot.

  3. I’m not mad. Get that bag. But I just wish ppl would own their truth. I hate mofos who do shit like this online e.g. on onlyfans but then when they get called out start acting homophobic. Like bitch stfu. YOU chose to do it for the money instead of getting a more ‘respectable job’ We all gotta do what we need to for survival. Just own it!!

  4. I used to Be subscribed to his OF he had a video of him getting head and or fucking a guy and I can’t remember.

  5. He had to be paid a pretty penny to let that wilderbeast suck him up!
    If I’m doing anything sexual with me you have to be 38 or less in the pants sorry 🤷🏾‍♂️

  6. I don’t believe in gay for pay If you’re willing to sleep with another man even if they pay you or not then you are gay I’m sorry

        1. There are still real straight men left in the new generation that will rob, kill, steal and slang dope before laying down with another man.

  7. He use to have videos of him fucking guys and him sticking objects up his ass (end of a brush🤦🏽‍♂️). He’s always looking for money for his bodybuilding competition and He gets upset when he doesn’t get enough attention.

  8. Starlin’s probably bi. Take a trip to DR, and you’ll see guys like him are a dime a dozen. Some even have wives, kids and grandkids, but will do whatever you want for a little $, the right kind of attention or both. Same with Brazil.

    BTW, Platanorico pulls all sorts of “straight” dudes, especially Black Am, West Indian, Dominican and Haitian. And many are hot AF and well endowed. He’s def got some mojo working on the brothas!

  9. Awhile back I discovered Starling on instagram and later followed him on Onlyfans because I was intrigued and needed to see more. When he showed that hole on his page I fell da fuq out 😆… and those locker room videos were quite daring. I don’t subscribe to him anymore because he raised his subscription price to $20 per month.

    But this latest video of that hedgehog giving him dome does nothing for me. As for his sexuality, I don’t think he’s gay or bi in the least. He’s a typical Dominican who loves attention and sexual provocativeness.

      1. Exactly. And mainly bottoms use them. Come on he is Dominican. Attitudes about sex differ there. Under that machismo culture dudes will fuck anything. Sexual roles are more fluid. And if money is involved…

    1. I was thinking the same thing. And furthermore, why you need to take poppers unless you taking it up the ass (though people be doing some strange things so i could be wrong lol). Something in the water does not compute

  10. Lawd yet another Bob the builder body! His type cracks me the fuck up! It’s like they make them in a factory.

    Dollars to pink frosted donuts, this one probably has “no fats no fems” on his profiles.

    Those types crack me up.

  11. This is the third video I’ve seen of him with a guy. I thought he was straight too until I saw a video of him fucking a guy on twitter. Then earlier this week another video is up of him getting his dick sucked. Not sure if that’s a man or women in the video posted up here. I have always followed him on IG and I’ve paid for his videos but none of them have him doing anything with anyone else, they’re all of him jerking off (still sexy AF though. He did text me that the guy he was fucking paid him to do that sooo. He may not be gay but just likes money lol. Doesn’t really matter to me he is a sexy ass nigga whether he fucks a dude or a girl.

  12. what’s the point of posting me here that’s some messy up shit. stop the hating I do it for the money 5000 thousand a month is not bag. get a life hater

  13. the one who did this article don’t affect me or my anyone around me they already know what I did that’s in the past move on. I have a new girlfriend now who accepted what I did and we move on. rats like you always will be rats

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