starlin physique might be an alleged “bisexual” in his latest sex leakage?

*the follow is rated xxx
viewer discretion is strongly advised

starlin physique was allegedly “out here, out here”.
how did we miss this?
it seems like he has been allegedly low-key guest starring in all kinds of sex scenes.
this one was from may of this year that a foxholer sent me…

so he bi?


Are there more scenes with him?

asking for a friend.
i mean,
it isn’t like he was outed.
he legit is looking into the camera as he is recording.
he is in full control of what he’s doing.
he had an onlyfans tho.
one thing i peeped…

Is he looking at himself while giving the dick?

that is a level of vain i can’t have in the bedroom.

lowkey: more often than not,
latino pipe is easy to get.
from the word in the forests,
most latinos are lowkey bisexuals especially the dominicans.
starlin is dominican.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “starlin physique might be an alleged “bisexual” in his latest sex leakage?”

  1. Jamari, brother, where have u been? This isn’t news. Starlin is married to the almighty dollar and will freak anyone who has it. Facts!!!

  2. Yea he seems like as long as you have the cash, he’s with it. Which is nothing wrong with that as long as everybody is cool with it. I think in his case, it might be a type of narcissism. I knew this guy that was Dominican as well and he asked me if I thought he was attractive, I told him what I thought and then he told his friends: “even other males think I’m sexy. I could fuck anybody I want!” Verbatim. It’s a vanity and alpha male mentality thing. He shows off his body in every post (def not a complaint) and he knows his market isn’t women. It’s gay men. He likes the adoration of other males as well and dominating them sexually gratifies that sense of alpha that he so clearly has.

    How much he chargin’ tho👀👀👀👀

  3. Jamari, you are right on the money with the easy purchasing of Latino pipe. While sadly I’ve never been with a Dominican 😥 (maybe one day), I’ve heard the stories and personally seen some shit. I do think for most it a narcissist/alpha male thing especially when it comes to Latino men, but I also think that a majority of them are just extremely comfortable with their sexuality/or just very sexually fluid. It’s also worth nothing that when compared to Puerto Ricans and Mexicans, Dominicans are definitely the more touchy feely of the three when they get wasted 🤔😂😂.

  4. Guys with bodys like that are always cocky but to me nothing changed men will always support most women aren’t cash app these media mem anyway

  5. Yo I am not turned by these vids IN THE LEAST! There is NO passion, no chemistry, that guy just had his face down letting that man fuck just for the sake of getting fucked, no moaning or anything, shit is trash to me 🗑

  6. You gotta be skeptical about these attentionistos. They’ve got the looks and the body, but from what I’ve seen and experienced…they’re lame in bed. It’s guys with average bods and looks that be the ones to wear your walls OUT!!!

  7. Oh my gosh. I take a mental/study break and come back to Dominican PEEN on my SCREEN. 😲

    This is almost as surprising as that time I found out the man that took me to bed had a wife… 😢

    However,I’m not surprised by this particular guy at all. There was a thread about him on that penis forum group thing, leaked his entire collection of videos & they were talking about him being an escort or whatever some months ago.

    I remember them going off about him saying he had a child but that he did a video where he was pissing in the toilet and he told his son to come look at his peen while he pissed.

    Idk if that story is true or not since I haven’t seen the alleged video.. but Ummm child protection services…🙄

    I agree with some of the other posters. He is attractive but the lack of passion he is showing puts him on par with a Maxx Konnor dildo stuck to a wall. If I’m paying you to smash, I’mma need you to f**k me senseless… Just saying.

    I also agree about some of them good looking dudes being boring in bed. Folks be thinking that just cause they look good and stick it in, you gonna be calling they name. Be in the gym so much, all they know how to do is lift and

    Might be the bottom too?

    If I had a brutha like that behind me, I’d be throwing tha boogina back good instead on sitting there like a sack of Idaho potatoes! 😝

    Then again, he’s “that type” of dude so you know for the right price, he’ll stick them cakes in the air. He probably got one of those brick butts though. The ones that look nice but don’t clap not once when he hitting missionary.

    A sad day indeed for the Rainbow Coalition of Gay Commandments.

    I never had a Dominican man but folks keep telling me they are super conceited. 😒

    Let me get my ass to bed… Time changed and I don’t lost my mind.😵

    1. I grew up in New York and lived around Latino men. Dominican men, some at least, are very over confident and flirtatious, especially the native-born ones. ..Still my weakness is Afro-Dominican men lol lawd i love me some them although some of them will r afraid to admit they’re Black due to self hatred but thats another story for another day lol

      1. Oh, yummy. I love when stuff gets that Afro mix I’m them. Afro-Dominican, Afro-Asian etc. Dammit I’mma look!! Baby if I was single in New York I know I’d be having a field day. Not gonna even front. Brown and dark skinned men, no matter the racial background do something to me! 😍😍

        I’ve heard of that self hatred stuff too about some but of the Latin community I love a man that represents ALL of their heritage. I love being black. It’s so beautiful to be black!

  8. I can personally vouch that Latinos are mostly bisexual. Most of the men I’ve fucked are Latino. They give amazing dick and ass. Puerto Rican and Dominican are my usual prey. I can’t do Mexican.

  9. I don’t want to age myself but this reminds me of LatinoFanClub or Enrique Cruz. I remember Tiger Tyson had a scene where he was with his girl and her brother came over and while his girl was sleep, the brother came in the bathroom while he was taking a shower and they ended up smashing in the bathroom. THIS, you can tell by his expression that he is turned on by men because he focusing more on the video than the female. You can tell he did that for money. Just looking at the guy from the below view he was more turned on to that. I don’t care if you putting the facade on for himself or for fans but the dick don’t lie. If it don’t get hard for females, but gets brick for men; you dick is gay. You can live the whole “I don’t have a preference” life but the whole time, your dick like, “I’m strictly dick-ly”.

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