“Now I Gotta Call All My Hoes and Tell Them I Have HIV.”


well this is a “feel good” story.
a cheating baller wolf husband gets hiv.
he comes home,
tells his supportive wife,
and then locks himself in a room to tell all his hoes.
well the ones he remembers.
that is the story of the day magic johnson found out he had hiv.
cookie johnson,
the wife,
wrote about it in her upcoming memiors,
“believing in magic”.
this is what she said via the daily mail

He had just told his wife that he had HIV and that his glittering basketball career was over.

But Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson faced something even more humiliating than giving his beloved Cookie the shocking news.

That night in 1991 the Los Angeles Lakers point guard ‘locked himself in a room and called the long list of women with whom he’d been intimate’, Cookie writes.

Johnson’s playboy lifestyle and his habit of having unprotected sex had come back to haunt him.

He could not remember how many women he had slept with. So he tracked down as many as he could and gave each a call which would turn their lives upside down.

Johnson had to explain to each of them that he had tested positive for the disease -which at the time was considered a death sentence.

In the period before same-day HIV results, the women then had to wait 12 excruciating days to find out if they were in the clear.

Cookie writes in her new memoir ‘Believing in Magic’ that going through that herself was like being in her own ‘personal hell’ – one marked by ‘silence and darkness, numbness’.

In the book, which is published later this month, she writes: ‘In just one moment our world, this perfect union we’d fought so hard and so long to have was obliterated.’

The memoir tells for the first time the impact on Johnson’s family of his decision to go public with his HIV diagnosis and quit the NBA.

It was a choice which made him the most public face of heterosexual HIV, a role that he still has 25 years later, at the age of 57.

“if i call the divorce lawyer now,
will i look like an asshole to the public?”


…i would have been thinking.
well cookie is a good one.
i would have at least rocked his jaw.
i applaud her for still staying.
i’m sure that situation was humiliating.
as much as we can say:


…there are just as worse when they are regular wolves.
one of my home wolves admits he has fucked over 100+ vixens already.
he is only 28 with a cub.
i’m sure some gays are just as worse.
you can have a lot of sex,
but please do it safely.

article taken: daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on ““Now I Gotta Call All My Hoes and Tell Them I Have HIV.””

  1. Reading stuff like this makes me feel better everyday that I don’t sleep around with random people. Everyone please stay safe out there and please use protection.

  2. Well, she stayed with him and I’m sure she knew he was having sex with triple digit number women.

    The better question is would she have stayed if she had contracted HIV as well?

      1. I don’t think so.I believe Cookie would have disclosed her status.
        Magic and Cookie got married in September 1991.He announced he had HIV in Nov 1991.She was pregnant and gave birth to EJ in June 1992.She knew he was a hoe.I wonder if she married him partly because she was pregnant.
        I will read her book,she talked about on EJ’s reality show.She mentioned she will talk about when she realized EJ was gay when he was very young.She will also talk about adopting their daughter Elisha.

        Magic and Cookie flew 50 friends to Monaco for their 25th Anniversary for a week long trip including Holly And Rodney Peete,Samuel Jackson and his wife,Beyonce’s mom Tina and her husband,LL Cool J and his wife.Holly Robinson Peete has been posting pics on her IG of the trip.

    1. Good question…I guess around that time frame he must of been screwing a ton of women except for his wife, because other wise she would of been infected with HIV.

      1. He was screwing her, she was pregnant.She gave birth to EJ seven months after his HIV announcement.She just wasn’t infected.

      1. In 1991 I would have probably stayed with my husband. I would have figured why not stay with him.Rather than being a single woman with HIV,trying to date with HIV.Possibly dying of AIDS alone.

  3. I applaud her for being frank about Magic diagnosis. I’m sure she was on a fence when she heard about the many mistresses. But damn talk about being loyal, and something that resonate in todays society that many women would standby especially in traumatic situations. Hell I would have stayed, for the money.

  4. I’m sure she had a notion that he was still cheating on her, but to find out he contracted an incurable disease is another layer. Having two large pills to swallow had to weigh on her heavily, in addition to being pregnant. I commend her for doing what she felt was right. Loving someone and staying, in spite of, takes a lot of strength.

    1. Well I really don’t thing Magic had HIV. They thought he did .He made the announcement and then he would be the face for many black men so that they would wear condoms. They told him if he stuck with this story he would be very wealthy….Magic wasn’t making that kind of money back in the day….After his got this alleged HIV cash was flowing. .Just think about this very few people lived who had HIV back then and the drugs were brutal for treatment back then. Also you fucking everything knowing that shit was out there and with your wife having a baby from your infected sperm…..Something doesn’t add up here.

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