“Your DMS Has More Hoes Than Mine,” Teyana Taylor Said.

tumblr_nxpspwi3jw1qg1xqjo1_500iman shumpert and teyana taylor are the “it” couple right now.
everyone is trying to re-create their #relationshipgoals.
well how many are ready to let their s/o slide into their dms?
iman let teyana inside his dms and well via baller alert

she is confident.
the way how my jealousy is set up,
i definitely would have been:


that is just something i don’t want to see it.
a she-hyena iman allegedly has been messing with came out the woodworks today.
she sent fameolous this:



i wonder if he scrolled past those dms with the quickness?
this foreshadows a future issue.
doing all this flexing online when teyana knows the net don’t forget.
as much as they are the “it” couple at the moment,
they could end up “doing way too much” and break up.
she already put that pipe print of his on her snap.
teyana is picking up steam with her career.
i would hate for her to derail,
but alas,
would we really be surprised if it does?

lowkey: jay and b should be the blueprint of celeb couples.

video taken: baller alert

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on ““Your DMS Has More Hoes Than Mine,” Teyana Taylor Said.”

  1. They are a sexy ass couple, and I like them together, if it’s true with what this chick posted I am disappointed in Iman. Why is it so hard for men to keep their dicks in their pants? Another question why do chicks love messing with married or taken men?

  2. I like them together as well, but I do not see this relationship lasting. In my opinion, they just do not keep it private enough for me. The best way to keep a relationship healthy is keeping every aspect private.

  3. I think they’re both sexy AF and love them together but If this is true I’m not surpised after we found out about Jay Z not being faithful. You could be the baddest chick in all aspects of life and still be cheated on.

  4. It really does go down in the DM’s LoL. Being that I am not that technically Savvy, I just found out last week that I had messages in my DM’s that I had missed. I still dont know how to DM anyone but some of the DM messages I received made me almost drop my phone they were so hot LOL. I cant even began to imagine how it is with a celebrity dude. I have gotten both male and female DM’s and I am a everyday broke Joe. I would never let my boo see my DM’s and I am sure no other man wouldnt either. Some things Bae dont need to see and I dont need the arguments that would surely come. I am sick of these messy hoez always wanting to spill the tea, know your place SIDELINE!

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