I Think The New Mailroom Wolf Wants To Bang Me…

3043474304_3bd3ce0abb…and i reallllllllllllly want him to.
so they hired some new mailroom wolves at my job.
it’s funny how they can hire three new mailroom wolves,
but my department is so understaffed.
as i was sitting at my desk last week,
up pops this sexy wolf wearing the tightest work t shirt.
the upper bawdy>>>>>>

the pecs underneath the shirt>>>>>>
the burning loins in my drawz>>>>>>
he is…

mid 20s
light skin
baby face

tatts all over his arms
low fade

his bawdy is similar to a wide receiver:



…more tatts on his arms tho.

last week,
i went on my usual break.
when i was coming back,
he was leaving to go wherever he was going.
we locked eyes.
i was nervous,
i made the effort not to break it.
i smiled at him,
but he had that “deer in the headlights” look.
i didn’t know what to take of it.
i wanted to say something,
but he didn’t look like he was open for conversation.
on another day,
i was on another side of the building.
i was randomly looking out the window.
when i turned around,
he was standing in the elevator lobby with a mail cart.
i peeped him and he peeped me.
he looked away.
i turned back to look out the window.

he looked so sexy.

someone called my name and i turned back around.
you know he was at the glass door looking at me?
as soon as he saw me turn my head,
he quickly turned his.
i pretended i didn’t see it.

i did tho.
i made the effort to speak to him.
i found out his name through sniffing around.
when i saw him walk by,
i said:

insert his name here

he came over to my desk real quick.

“i may have a package coming here,
what is the best way to track if it’s downstairs?”

i already know all this,
but i had to ask something.
this is the part he comes close,
leans on my desk,
and looks in the eyes.

“*him talking*”

“uh huh.
oh ok…
thats how?

*interrupted by this snow bunny coming to ask him a question*

i walk into the break room and he was in there.
he saw me,
but immediately took a call.
he ignored me pretty much while i was in there.
when i was leaving,
i looked through the glass doors at his reflection to see if he watching me walk away.


i won’t lie,
i was vex cause i was looking good yesterday,
but i brushed it off and moved on.

he walks past my desk,
but he was looking in my direction.
i looked off,
being nervous,
but then i looked back and waved.
he smiled at me.

“how are you?” – he asked

“i’m good,
how are you?”

“ya know,
can’t complain at all.”

he had the biggest smile on his face.
all i could think about was him fucking my tail completely off.
he might be good enough to date too.
we sha’ll see.
my foxy sense keep buzzing when it comes to this one.
plus the way he talks.
i’m just not trying to do the sequel.
i did the whole “office friendship/confusion” thing.

you know my head hard tho.

this wolf looks like he would give me a serious banging.


…and i would let him.

lowkey: the thought of him makes me want to jack off.
back to back.

this one is good look.

18 thoughts on “I Think The New Mailroom Wolf Wants To Bang Me…

  1. New crushes always seem like a hunt lol

    I like that you are actually being more direct, it’s like you’re letting it be known from the start that friendship is not what you want this go around. Just be careful I got let down by my new work crush today and it stung lol

    1. ^oh no mikey!
      im sorry it went down like that.
      at least it ended here and didn’t drag on until you were emotionally invested.
      he probably wasn’t worth you anyway.

      1. Thanks that’s exactly what I was thinking he just started so here so it’ll be easy to get over it no real emotions were put into it like with past crushes.

  2. I say be more direct this time..no blurred lines. Either tell him you been checking him or leave it alone

  3. Ayy Jamari you better get that number dude lol. I hope we get more to this story and I hope it goes the way you want to (fingers crossed) you deserve to be happy.

    1. ^lately,
      it seems more wolves are showing interest in me.
      the ones im attracted to.
      nothing crazy like getting a number,
      but it seems back to how it use to be.
      maybe im becoming more confident?
      I don’t know what’s happening,
      but id like it to keep happening.

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