No Universe, I Will Not Settle For This UnLubricated Pounding Any Longer.

aaafat guy eating giant hamburger“i mean he cute.
*looks at him with judgment*
ok he is totally not my type.
he has no hair on his head,
he looks like he is 7 months pregnant,
and his style is something out last year’s tj maxx catalog.
*now with non judgment*
he is nice and makes he laugh.
i just don’t… know…
what do i know?
the last couple wolves who were my type were dogs.
i don’t even know if you would call them dogs.
dogs are at least loyal.
these were… pack rats.
they just waited to get my goodies,
snuck in this muthafucka on some late night shit,
and then they ran.
i was told you have to kiss a few frogs to meet your prince.
well i must have kissed the whole damn swamp!
somehow i ended up in africa and now i’m on a date with a wildebeest.
so do i give him a chance?
or do i polite turn him down?
i mean he is paying for this date and hasn’t hinted about having my legs on his shoulders.

tumblr_m37b5qGqBY1r7cmcvo1_r1_400the last wolf couldn’t even pay for a honey bun at the bodega,
yet he could afford to buy weed faithfully.
whats a boy to do?….”

that’s the thoughts of many of us in this lifestyle.
why couldn’t our dating lives play out like a tumblr timeline?
you know where all the guys are fine,
wake up out of bed perfect,
and their dicks tasted like honey nut cheerios.
in life there is something called “cards that are dealt” settling.
the whole world is in a recession.
men and jobs have been the hardest hit.
shit my dating life is looking like a foreclosed house.
there once was life in there somewhere.
it use to be admired by many people on the block.
“thats right bitches.
my plants look better than yours.”
there was once a time my dating life was crazy.
i had so many wolves.
now its an empty shell with a dead garden.
ain’t that some shit?
i’ve been doing my resume for the last two weeks.
don’t laugh.
i decided to do something more creative with it to get noticed.
that’s the thing.
it’s a job.
i’m not as excited especially since its hard to find anything.
so i did this fly resume off the top of my donut but wait…
i run an exceptional site every day,
i bleed passion and creativity for the arts,
better than most of these others,
and dammit i am a fuckin’ hoot and a 1/2.
so now i have to now go settle to work for some asshole with a complex?
ain’t that bout a bitch?
i couldn’t help but think about settling when you are emotionally fighting it.
when the going gets tough,
should we just settle for whatever looks good…or at least decent?
“hold on!
it gets better boo!”
says the person doing better right?
*wild slap*
it reminds me of some shit in the wild.
the lions and nem got all the good meat first.
i’m feeling like a vulture.
i gotta get the scraps on some hand me down shit.
i don’t want to be some damn vulture.
i’m ready to pluck all these feathers off,
buy a fur coat,
and sing “i can’t wait to be king” of a giraffe’s head.

it got me wondering…

Are we forced to settle while we wait for what we really want?

lowkey: i want to start this image consulting for baller wolves and anyone going into the industry.
how would i start?
any ideas?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “No Universe, I Will Not Settle For This UnLubricated Pounding Any Longer.”

  1. The worst is settling at a job and getting stuck. You should never settle in dating because when the wolf of your dreams comes along, it will force you to cheat.

      1. And then it turns out that the grass wasn’t greener and they decide to go running back only now you’ve shown that you’re not really invested because you jump ship when you think something better came along.I don’t like when people break up or take breaks just so they can bang someone else and then come back to the relationship like nothing happened.That’s being a fat greedy ho, having your cake and eating it too.The people who do that, might as well be in open relationships because they clearly have no remorse.

  2. Face the music, baby. The reason you are having a hard time finding a man is because you are settling with low life. You need to be focusing on attracting guys who are doctors, entrepreneur, nurse, or even a lawyer. Believe there are some fine black and spanish wolves in the professional field.

    1. Hold up Lindo. Just because someone doesn’t work in any of those fields does not mean they are a low life. Being with someone of those occupations just gives you financial stability, and if that is enough then go right ahead and get you a person like that, but don’t complain about the lack of emotion you get from them. If a person wants to find love, passion, care, unconditional love, and emotional stability they cannot have a superficial mindset like that because they will never find what they truly are looking for. For one, it ain’t enough lawyers, doctors, and entrepreneurs to go around for everyone, especially in this lifestyle, so anyone thinking like that is selling them self short. Second, their personalities often stink. They look down on other people and throw shit in your face and call you a low life because you are not on their level. You didn’t mention athletes, but I’m going to talk about them. Hunting for athletes will come back to bite you every time. With an athlete comes baggage, lots of it. You have to think about road trips, groupies, fame and the all nighters. If you want someone who is going to come home to you everyday, you cannot make it with an athlete. They are NEVER around, and can’t be there to hold everyday and wake up to in the morning. When they are away you don’t know what they are doing. They could be fucking for all you know. You will be up at night worrying and their whereabouts and why they have not returned any of your calls. Then months later he confesses to you that he made a big mistake he regrets, and then you end up like Tasha Marbury just paying bitches or niggas off to keep them quiet. It ain’t no one got time for that shit. Call me when you are retired.

  3. Hey J… Never ever settle for less, unless its on the avenue of getting you where you’re trying to go. Being a stylist myself, I thought that I could give you some advice on the business you want to start. First style a few really nice looking very well built friends… Make yourself a completely different Instagram, twitter, and Facebook with the name of your business, what you do, and watermarked photographic proof of what it is that you do. Now this is wear it gets a little bizarre…. Follow the whole damn 2013 draft for the NBA, and NFL, and promote yourself to them, offer your services one time for free for an upcoming event. There are several sports teams where you’re from, find out where they hang out, promote yourself as an image consultant, and the best upcoming pr person in the business. Also get on the scene, and be seen, that way ppl believe its real because they see you out there hustling and grinding. I feel like this is very possible, and there’s many more things that you can do, but those were just some starting pointers.. Good Luck… And god be with you!!

    1. ^you know what richie?
      that actually sounds like a damn good idea.
      im going to present my idea to god,
      which I know sounds crazy corny,
      and formulate the business idea and start.
      i really like the sound of this.
      thank you so much for the assistance.

      1. ” He may not be there when you want him, but he’s always there on time,” referring to my God’s undying mercy and faithful presence in everyones life. As i thought about todays events the remarkable thing about living with God in your life is that if he’s real to you and he is blessing you, the result will be testimony enough to all those around you. Thinking about Gods actions came into question. I have to admit in the dark of nite I questioned why ? The truth is we don’t know what is in the works for our lives or of those around us. We have a hard time accepting that some hardships come to reinforce our faith. Not all prayers are answered the way we have begged to have them answered and there are things in our future that must happen a certain way to make room or way for something else. It’s hard having blind faith…the kind of faith that says, “Lord I want you here now…” only to hear silence. Just know that he may not be there when YOU want him, but he’s ALWAYS there on

  4. @jamari

    Start a new board, make it private. Some things should be for your eyes only.

    Also write up/print out your intentions–at least three of them–call it your intention sheet, and post it on a wall so that it’s in your direct eyesight as soon as you wake up.

    Every time you get a new related idea, or title you want to hold, that’s related to any of your intentions, write it on the sheet.

  5. i loved this entry very heartfelt and REAL…and i love how in the comment above you mentioned taking your idea to GOD…that’s what many of us need to do more often consult with the Master because he has and can help anyone excel in ANY area…this December because of his glory and awesome power i’ll be the first in my immediate family to graduate from collegee…good luck in all your endeavors…GOD is soooo great…

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