when a male is ready to settle down and picks the “say what now?”

i don’t know if you heard,
but “big dick” safaree and erica mena are engaged.

i remember a few tweets ago,
safaree said he is ready to settle down and start a family.
he also just bought a big ass crib to get a head start.

everyone is asking:

“Why Erica Mean-a?”

i mean,
her reputation is pretty foul.
she’s the example of what a “crazy ass scorpio” is.
so it has puzzled many why he would chose that one as his wife.

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Why “Settling” Is The Worst Thing You Can Ever Do

so i was having a conversation the other day and it made me go heavy on the eye roll.
for some odd reason last week,
i kept seeing the sexiest wolves everywhere.
it put me in my feelings because my phone is dry af right now.
so i said:

“have you ever felt like the people you are attracted to don’t look at you?
do they ever feel invisible?”

so they responded:

“your problem is you’re looking at too much good looking males.
you need to deal with someone who might not be physically attractive,
but likes you.

^that is where i eye rolled.
it’s funny coming from them tho because they settled.
a few week ago i was hearing an earful about someone that “liked them for them”.
it turned out that he was a demon from the depths of hell.
ima font you like this…

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Straight Males Ain’t Settling Until They Ready (Gay Males Probably Never)

i’ve grown to become cautious with other males.
and family.
i’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop.
i’ve woken up and realized most of them just ain’t ever gonna be shit.
there is a tweet that is creating a lot of conversation today.
this is it…

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Picky (Me)

tumblr_likp8itB881qb03ezo1_500they say you are “too picky”.
you listen.
they say you want something that doesn’t exist.
you listen.
they say you need to settle.
you listen.
so then you look in the mirror and wonder…

Is this why I’m single?

well you listened.
is it because you aren’t involved in the “hook up culture”?
you listened.
should i be on hook up sites sleeping with every “dick” or “in hairy”?
you listened.
so then you are forced to look around at everyone else.

the jackal is getting with the wolf you want.
the ratchet that has them climbing down her walls.
the common folks are doing more datin’ and fuckin’…

…and then you realized this is why you are single.
you aren’t like everyone else.
why is that such a problem?
when did “being different” become the worst thing in the world?
well i want you to remember something when you decide to listen to an idiot…
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No Universe, I Will Not Settle For This UnLubricated Pounding Any Longer.

aaafat guy eating giant hamburger“i mean he cute.
*looks at him with judgment*
ok he is totally not my type.
he has no hair on his head,
he looks like he is 7 months pregnant,
and his style is something out last year’s tj maxx catalog.
*now with non judgment*
he is nice and makes he laugh.
i just don’t… know…
what do i know?
the last couple wolves who were my type were dogs.
i don’t even know if you would call them dogs.
dogs are at least loyal.
these were… pack rats.
they just waited to get my goodies,
snuck in this muthafucka on some late night shit,
and then they ran.
i was told you have to kiss a few frogs to meet your prince.
well i must have kissed the whole damn swamp!
somehow i ended up in africa and now i’m on a date with a wildebeest.
so do i give him a chance?
or do i polite turn him down?
i mean he is paying for this date and hasn’t hinted about having my legs on his shoulders.

tumblr_m37b5qGqBY1r7cmcvo1_r1_400the last wolf couldn’t even pay for a honey bun at the bodega,
yet he could afford to buy weed faithfully.
whats a boy to do?….”
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Jamari Fox Doesn’t Settle.

I hate when people brush their insecurities and restrictions off on me.
I hate when people tell me I cannot do something or something is impossible.

“A baller? You can’t get a baller?”
“A house? You can’t afford a house.”
“That career? Yeah right.”

I had an assholes tell me I’m chasing a dream.
A fantasy.
Something that doesn’t exist.

Do they know who the FUCK they are talking too?

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