Jamari Fox Doesn’t Settle.

I hate when people brush their insecurities and restrictions off on me.
I hate when people tell me I cannot do something or something is impossible.

“A baller? You can’t get a baller?”
“A house? You can’t afford a house.”
“That career? Yeah right.”

I had an assholes tell me I’m chasing a dream.
A fantasy.
Something that doesn’t exist.

Do they know who the FUCK they are talking too?

I was feeling kind of down so I called THAT friend who I thought would have some kind words of encouragement.
I’m always the Oprah to someone’s dreams especially theirs.
I have never felt that NOTHING was impossible unless you make it impossible.

Well they decided to fill my ear with the negative.
It was like, if I don’t settle, I won’t be happy.

Why do I have to settle?
That makes it seem like I’m not worth what I want to achieve.
Like I’m so hood rat with no sense of purpose.
Why get up every day and fight for that dream?

So, I’m suppose to feel that I cannot get that career,
that dream man,
that dream life… all because it is deemed impossible?

What happened to people’s fighting spirit?
That HOORAH attitude that lives within us?
That light that shines inside us that helps see us through life’s obstacles?
Where did it go?

Why do we take others bad experiences and use them as our own?

Why must we settle for the men we meet online?
Those dusty losers that lie about pictures and practically their whole existence.
Why can’t we aim higher for that baller or even CEO?
Why are we limited to the job as the stylist, hair dresser, or the gay best friend?

Why are we told can’t we get what we want?

Oprah could have settled for being a measly reporter.
Jay Z could have still stayed slangin drugs in Marcy, while rapping as a hobby.
Beyonce could have remained in that girl group and be limited to sharing the spotlight.
Kanye could have kept his mouth shut and continued being a producer.

….why must Jamari Fox be the one to just settle?

I’m tired of feeling like I am in a nightmare.
I am over feeling like this is my final destination.
I’m not going to stop fighting for what I want.

Because you see all of you,
my Foxes and my Wolves out there…

IF I stop,
you will too…
And I cannot allow that to happen.

We have come this far.
There is no turning back now.
You’re pretty much stuck with me.

This blog isn’t for my settlers.
I don’t have an entry for you right now.
This blog is for my explorers and adventurers.
Male or female; gay or straight.
The ones who dream big and pray every night.
The ones who are unsure where they are going,
but they know somehow, the path will light the way.
The ones who know their man is out there and one day,
he will show face and finally make you exhale.

… this is for US.

To anyone who has a muthafuckin problem…

8 thoughts on “Jamari Fox Doesn’t Settle.

  1. Who Is Jamari Fox? :
    Its nothing to meet that man of ya dreams, nothing to get that career, nothing to get that money, and nothing to get that peace of mind…
    … But life would be no fun without a good challenge, huh?

    No i kind of would like to just one day meet the man of my dreams and live happily ever after. I’m tired of dealing with the riff-raff. I think we start to believe that if it isn’t tough then something must be wrong.

  2. This was in my Daily Love e-mail yesterday….

    “Do not attach your self worth to the circumstances of your life. What happens “out there” does not define who you are. When things don’t go your way, when things go “wrong”, and especially if you do not seem to currently have enough money, do not attach a story or sense of self worth to your circumstances. Who you really are, the powerful being within you, can decide to take charge and CHANGE your current circumstances. If you were indeed just your circumstances you would not be able to change them. The mere fact that you have make a different choice, educate yourself, raise your standards and want better for yourself means that you are more than your circumstances. If you weren’t, there is no way you would even be able to have thoughts of change. Realize this profound Truth – that you are not your circumstances. You have the most powerful force available to you right now – the power of choice. To want more. To become who you know you really are, beyond your fear, to embrace the Unknown with a cool and confident knowing that “you got this”. Detach from any stories you tell yourself that attach your worth to your circumstances. Circumstances are neutral. You are strong and able to change your circumstances.”

    Everyday it gets tougher and tougher to carry on but every morning I have to look in the mirror and praise myself and give thanks to God…I am carry forward because I kno he is walking with me. I borrow his strength and he sustains me and he will for ALL of us. We gatta keep the faith. TRUST JAMARI YOU HAVE HELP ME SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH OVER THE MONTHS SINCE I FOUND THIS BLOG….AND ‘UrSoVain’ as well…you guys we will get their…together….Foxes to the World!

  3. For a lot of people, its easier to give up then it is to push forward. Doesn’t take much effect for settle for “good enough” when reality and circumstances batter your belief system. And your left wondering why life seems to be happening for everyone else BUT YOU. However, life is all about perspective. There is no one else limiting your capabilities but yourself. If you really want something, and put forth action behind your words, you will achieve it. Perhaps not in the first go around but with persistance and positive attitude, it will happen. People tend to get caught up in the how’s and why’s of everything… instead of focusing on the What. Look at you, this started out as a simple blog about your personal endeavors and fantasies… and now its been mentioned by someone in the music biz. Perhaps not someone who is HUGE but someone nonetheless. Baby steps.

    1. I totally agree with you.

      I started this blog as an outlet. I had my own hidden agendas but who else doesn’t when they are creating something they want to be powerful? I started writing and got great reactions from people who I am glad I am able to touch with simple words. You are so right with baby steps tho. I am tired of climbing though. I wish things could be a little easier.

        1. Its nothing to meet that man of ya dreams, nothing to get that career, nothing to get that money, and nothing to get that peace of mind…

          … But life would be no fun without a good challenge, huh?

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