“I Went To See My Wolf With Panties On… and He Proposed Marriage.”

Ya know, I like to give props where props are due.

Jamari Fox has had a change of heart.
And as usual, it took my readers to show me a light.
… one with sequins and platinum wigs.
All night I was up thinking about this.
I was actually reading the comments over and over.
I did some quick reference checks and was about to do a bar graph and presentation for you.

Yesterday’s riveting conversation featuring Shimmy Shimmy Cocoa Puff”
Our fem sisters are killing the game right now.
It isn’t Vixens we should be competing with.
It is really these damn fems and trannies!
They know how to get their Wolf, suck him stupid, and have him hooked.

So I’m thinking brutal take over.
Time for the Foxes to play a little hard ball.
So, I have to ask:

Are you ready to get it together?

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Jamari Fox Doesn’t Settle.

I hate when people brush their insecurities and restrictions off on me.
I hate when people tell me I cannot do something or something is impossible.

“A baller? You can’t get a baller?”
“A house? You can’t afford a house.”
“That career? Yeah right.”

I had an assholes tell me I’m chasing a dream.
A fantasy.
Something that doesn’t exist.

Do they know who the FUCK they are talking too?

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