Deadskins, who?

I told Daddy that coming to the Concrete Forest would be the best move.
Deadskins, who?

He owes me:


… since I don’t owe him a massage for his game this week.


I will admit I left watching that Deadskins lynching to watch jumpoff,
Adrian I Love His Peter-son
, dominate the Bills.

I hate to watch a good team go at a bad one.

It’s like Chinese water torture.


ETA: Showin’ out with those tackles, huh?
I see you.

4 thoughts on “Deadskins, who?

  1. I wonder if he still called Donavan McNabb “daddie” when they meet saturday nite for a beer ??

  2. I was gonna say something to defend my ‘Skins, but they’re marginally better than sucky…and not the kind of sucking I like, so eh.

    Still a fan, though 🙂

    1. They got anally raped today. I was a fan when Devin was on them…But they played him + they were wack as hell. So now… I was thrilled to see him get his revenge.

      He tackled the shit outta one of them too.

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