WOLF MEAT: (341)

tumblr_m833my1yn21qbgx25o1_500lb4 wanted to know what you can expect on jack’d and grindr.
well a wolf-bi decided to send in a sample for show and tell this morning…

tumblr_mp01r5qImx1s8bz7so1_500tumblr_m7b4ciUBDS1qdnpfgyeah looks about right.

lowkey: is that natural butt cheeks?
i been fooled by a good photoshop once or twice.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “WOLF MEAT: (341)”

      1. My thought is that they didn’t want to even be bothered with security and if anything “physical” happened to him n said fuck it. Gave him some bed sheets or draw string.

      2. What bugs me about Ariel Castro is his American mentality.One of his family members said he didn’t like black people and I thought “Wow, it’s so weird that people who do the most low down shit can still think they’re better than black people just because they aren’t black.”Can you imagine.He was sitting their in his living room, watching TV like “I have been holding 3 women that I kidnapped, hostage in my basement for a decade but…at least I’m not black, that’s the worst, even though I raped these women and impregnated them, at least I’m not black.”It bugs me that people like that don’t like us because of how we look yet will be doing the most grimiest shit behind doors.That’s why I can’t stand America sometimes, because every group acts like that.”I may rape little boys but hey I’m not black so I’m not the worst person on the planet.”

        Sometimes I just want to move to Canada.If I ever had kids I kind of don’t wanna raise em in America because of that mentality that still exist even though it shouldn’t.

  1. @ZenBuddha I agree. America and it’s mentality about blacks make me sick. Even Hispanics think that they are better than us. smh. We all on the same playing field.

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